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We’ve completed CBD oil reviews from a wide variety of brands to arrive at our top ten list. These rankings take into account the combination of taste, potency, effect and price across categories of CBD. Use the buttons below to switch between CBD products. Click on the product image for an in-depth description or on the link to buy CBD.

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We initially came across CBD oil by accident. After a particularly stressful period in one of the founder’s lives, he went searching for a natural and effective solution for anxiety relief and came across an article on CBD oil for pain. Skepticism ensued, as most of the websites and brands associated with CBD appeared as though they were created by a fervent group of pseudo-scientists in a basement in Colorado. Nonetheless, he gave it a shot. After some experimentation, he found that CBD oil really worked for him. He wanted to share his passion for CBD, but friends and family met his recommendations with the same skepticism he had experienced before trying it himself. was set up to remove the mystery surrounding CBD. We set out to create a ranking and content site where people can quickly and easily identify the best products and brands in the CBD industry that are worth trying out. Because, if you haven’t noticed, it’s not cheap to experiment. We don’t make any claims about the efficacy of CBD nor the brands we rate here – we’re just enthusiasts. We strongly believe that most of the people in the industry are well-intentioned. People find value in the products and a cleanly designed rating site can help cut through the noise.