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We’ve completed CBD oil reviews from a wide variety of brands to arrive at our top ten list. These rankings take into account the combination of taste, potency, effect and price across categories of CBD. Use the buttons below to switch between CBD products. Click on the product image for an in-depth description or on the link to buy CBD.

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Welcome to CBDtop10, your home for CBD oil reviews!

We are a team of CBD enthusiasts, doing our best to offer honest and informative CBD oil reviews and information to people like you. Our team knows that people are searching for answers on how CBD might help them in their daily lives. We’re here to help.

CBD Oil Reviews Mixed ProductsCBD made a splash in the last few years, and there is a flood of information being put out to steer you to certain products and brands. Not all of that information is helpful or even true! We want to be the place where you can sort through all the noise and count on us as your reliable source for honest and helpful information.

Here we offer not just CBD oil reviews, but also reviews of CBD gummies and other edibles as well as CBD hemp flower. We do our best to help you sort through the decision-making process on all topics related to CBD. Our team is steeped in real world experience, having used CBD products personally for many years and studied all aspects of the industry, processes, and products. We’re here to help you make good decisions for your CBD purchases and use.

Our CBD Oil Review Process

CBD Oil Reviews Team EvaluationAs CBD awareness and popularity has increased, several things have happened to confuse the potential buyer. New brands are introduced to the market, seemingly on a daily basis. Retailers want to ride the wave, so now we see CBD products sold at convenience stores, gas stations, and any number of retail outlets.

While we applaud CBD availability, it is highly unlikely that the person working the cash register at the convenience store is equipped to supply good information about CBD. The potential result is that people might make their buying decision based solely on price, not understanding the importance of the concentration, the composition, and the manufacturing quality that went into the product.

This is why CBDtop10 plays such an important role in today’s market, and why we do not compromise on the process and content of our CBD oil reviews.

We have been building our credibility in the CBD industry for a number of years. Brands constantly ask us to review CBD products and to include those reviews in our listing of quality products. We use several qualifying “must haves” to sort out the products we select to review.

The core requirements for selecting products for our CBD oil reviews:

  • CBD Oil Reviews Page Hemp AuthorityHemp from reliable North American or European sources
  • Supercritical CO2 extraction (or similar non-toxic method) of CBD
  • Independent testing and availability of test results/certificates of analysis

We love to see organic products, quality certifications from the U.S. Hemp authority and others, GMP (good manufacturing practices), etc., but the three points above are fundamental requirements for us.

Our team consists of CBD enthusiasts with deep CBD knowledge and experience. When we accept a product for review our team will share it, assess their personal experience, and compare notes to arrive at a consensus for publication.

Our CBD Oil Review Metrics

We award scores from 1 to 10 according to five metrics that we feel cover the impoCBD Oil Reviews Formrtant features to be included in a CBD oil review, or an edible or flower review for that matter. Those features are:

  • Taste
  • Delivery
  • Potency
  • Effect
  • Price

Our team believes that it is the combination of these product metrics that produce a comprehensive scoring system. In doing so, we’re able to compare products holistically across CBD oil reviews. Some brands excel at packing potency into their products. Others excel at formulation and flavors. Importantly, a number of CBD brands might not pack the most punch, or taste the best, but they deliver on price. With our system, we believe we can help our readers find the right CBD product to fit their lifestyle, needs, and budget.

Note – our flower reviews use a slightly different list. We recognize the emphasis that people place on appearance, aroma, trim, and structure, so we replace Taste and Delivery with “The Five Senses” and “Curb Appeal”. Otherwise, the review process follows the same protocol.

We look at the companies behind the products for our CBD oil reviews. Often, the opportunity to talk to the people at those companies helps us to understand the processes and the missions they employ. In short, we want to see a commitment to quality and high standards. Like you, our reviewers want to know that the people behind the products are striving to help us with the products they offer.

We pay attention to reviews and comments from regular users of these products also, but ultimately we form our own opinions for publication.

Our Value to You

The goal with our CBD oil reviews is to save you time, money, and frustration and to help you find the best CBD products that fit your lifestyle without breaking the bank. You will notice we don’t have ads on the website.  We don’t take money from any CBD brands for placement. The only way we keep the lights on is by generating a small amount of commission when our readers find and buy the CBD products they love through us (which does not increase the price you pay).

CBD Oil Review NewsletterWe go one step further, though, and hunt down exclusive CBD promo codes on your behalf. As our readership grows, brands are incentivized to offer larger and larger discounts to CBDtop10 readers. We are constantly reaching out to brands to make sure our readers have access to some of the best promotional offers in the CBD industry. These exclusive promo codes are highlighted in each review, and we have our “deals” page on this site where you will find a list of current discounts, sales, and special offers from a number of CBD companies.

We also periodically publish a newsletter highlighting new products, innovative brands and their offerings, and general news about developments in the CBD/hemp world. The newsletter is free to join and we never share your information with any 3rd party.

When we say we’re growing the community of CBD enthusiasts around honest CBD oil reviews, we’re serious. The more we review CBD and the more you read, the more power we all have to shape the industry and let the best brands prevail.

The Good, the Better, the Best

Let’s start by providing you value right now. If you don’t have time to read through all of our CBD Oil reviews right this minute, let’s start at the brand level.  Here are five all-around brands in each CBD category that continuously demonstrate quality and value. We are confident that you can trust these companies and buy their products with confidence.

First, know that any product on our site has met our basic requirements to be a quality product as described above. Inevitably, we like some better than others, and here are the brands and products that stand out in the categories we review:

CBD Oils and Tinctures

CBD Oil Reviews Wheel of OilsCBDistillery – This company manages to hit a great combination of quality products and reasonable prices, and it offers a wide selection of products. Read our CBDistillery reviews here. Use CBDtop10 code CBDTOP10 for a 20% discount when you shop CBDistillery here.

Joy Organics – This family-run business is a company that was born out of Joy’s personal need for pain relief, and they have not stopped bringing good things to the CBD marketplace. Read our Joy Organics reviews here. Use CBDtop10 code CBDTOP10 for a 15% discount when you shop Joy Organics here.

Charlotte’s Web – This company has a legitimate claim to being the spark that started the CBD movement. Its original formula was developed to help young family member Charlotte get relief from epileptic seizures. Read our Charlotte’s Web reviews here. Use CBDtop10 code CBDTOP10 for a 10% discount when you shop Charlotte’s Web here.

Populum – Populum is so focused on quality that it tests all products three separate times. Its organically grown Colorado hemp is processed in a GMP certified facility while being repeatedly tested.  Read Our Populum reviews here. Use CBDtop10 code CBDTOP10 for a 20% discount when you shop Populum here.

Bluebird Botanicals – Longevity, quality, innovative product lines, and word of mouth from satisfied customers have propelled Bluebird Botanicals to the upper reaches of the CBD world. From the beginning it has been a leader in developing testing standards to verify the quality of its products. Read Our Bluebird reviews here or shop Bluebird here.

CBD Edibles

CBD Oil Reviews Mixed EdiblesGreen Roads CBD – This brand is proud to state that its products are pharmacist-formulated. Founded in the early days of CBD availability, today it claims to be the largest privately-owned CBD company in the US. We love the gummies, and the chocolates are heavenly.  Read our Green Roads CBD reviews here. Use CBDtop10 code CBDTOP1010 for a 10% discount when you shop Green Roads.

Infused Edibles – As the name suggests, this brand is dedicated to edibles, and it shows. Not only are its products effective, all three products we have reviewed scored a rare 10 out of 10 for taste. Read our Infused Edibles reviews here or shop Infused Edibles here.

Hemp Bombs – Don’t let the “explosive” name fool you, this is a serious company that is focused on quality. We gave another score of 10/10 to these gummies for great taste. Read our Hemp Bombs reviews here or shop Hemp Bombs here.

Seabedee – We love the taste and effective results from the Seabedee gummies we tried. Beyond quality products, this is a company with a charitable mission, supporting veterans and cancer research. Read our Seabedee reviews here. Use CBDtop10 code cbdMD15 for a 15% discount when you shop Seabedee.

HealthSmart – This brand provides access to great CBD information and resources on its website. Beyond that, HealthSmart products taste great and are offered at remarkably low prices for such quality goods. Read our HealthSmart reviews here or shop HealthSmart here.

CBD Hemp Flower

CBD Oil Reviews Mixed FlowerWNC CBD – This North Carolina company has seen a rapid growth in popularity and recognition among hemp flower lovers. WNC is known for offering exclusively indoor-grown flower at a reasonable price, and customers love it just as we do. Read our WNC CBD reviews here. Use CBDtop10 code CBDtop10 for a 10% discount when you shop WNC.

Secret Nature – This 100% organic brand gets rave reviews from customers (and CBDtop10). The easily-navigated website, thorough product descriptions, and readily available lab results are helpful in making a flower choice. Read our Secret Nature reviews here. Use CBDtop10 code CBDtop10 for a 10% discount when you shop Secret Nature.

Hemp Hop – Here’s another North Carolina brand, and another one known for its all-indoor-grown product line. Something good is happening in the Tar Heel state – we and a multitude of customers give Hemp Hop high marks. Read our Hemp Hop reviews here or shop Hemp Hop here.

Five Leaf Wellness – This Tennessee-based brand offers oils, edibles, and concentrates, but it’s the flower we started with. We were impressed and we believe others will be too. Read our Five Leaf Wellness reviews here or shop Five Leaf here.

Hometown Hero – Several 2020 awards at the High Times Hemp Cup brought a lot of attention to this relatively new brand. Our reviewers noted the quality and the commitment to support veterans in the review notes. This is a solid contender for your hemp flower choice. Read our Hometown Hero reviews here. Save $15 using our “shop” link in the review or when you shop Hometown Hero.

An invitation to Spend some Time with Us

We have so many thoughts and observations about CBD. The brands above are just some of the quality providers we have found, tried, and spoken with. We have a lot more to share with you.

We invite you to put in a little time here, and we think you will find valuable information that will help you avoid disappointment. Are you new to CBD? Look at our blog posts to learn a bit more about CBD and other cannabinoids. Take a look at our infographics to help you make your CBD buying choices and dosage guidance. Follow that up with a look at some of our top-rated reviews.

Are you an experienced CBD user? Maybe you will want to read some of our reviews to see what else is available to you. Even if you like your brand, you might want to try a higher concentration, or a different cannabinoid ratio, terpene formulation, or a specific product with a targeted purpose. We have a wide range of products for you to learn about.

Looking to branch out? Consider some of the CBD flower we are so impressed with. Look into gummies, or chocolates, or teas, or any number of CBD-infused products. The choices are vast, and we have strong opinions to give you food for thought.

Thank you for visiting us. We take our CBD oil reviews seriously, and we are committed to being your trustworthy guide in the CBD world.

Our History

We initially came across CBD oil by accident. After a particularly stressful period in one of the founder’s lives, he went searching for a natural and effective solution for anxiety relief and came across an article on CBD oil for pain. Skepticism ensued, as most of the websites and brands associated with CBD appeared as though they were created by a fervent group of pseudo-scientists in a basement in Colorado. Nonetheless, he gave it a shot. After some experimentation, he found that CBD oil really worked for him. He wanted to share his passion for CBD, but friends and family met his recommendations with the same skepticism he had experienced before trying it himself. was set up to remove the mystery surrounding CBD. We set out to create a ranking and content site where people can quickly and easily identify the best products and brands in the CBD industry that are worth trying out. Because, if you haven’t noticed, it’s not cheap to experiment. We don’t make any claims about the efficacy of CBD nor the brands we rate here – we’re just enthusiasts. We strongly believe that most of the people in the industry are well-intentioned. People find value in the products and a cleanly designed rating site can help cut through the noise.