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Best CBD Flower

All sectors of the CBD market are booming, but one of the fastest growing sectors is the CBD flower or hemp flower market. The idea of vaping or smoking hemp flower in the same way that people smoke marijuana has only recently become more accepted as flower breeding has improved. These days, people have many choices as they search for the best CBD flower.

The Rise of CBD Flower

CBD Flower Brands AssortedJust a few short years ago, hemp flower was being grown almost exclusively to extract CBD for other CBD product formulations. Unlike marijuana sold in dispensaries, it was not being grown to be smoked or vaporized. Smoking cbd hemp flower was harsh and unpleasant, to say the least.

Hemp farmers have improved their growing methods and strain genetics dramatically, though, in recent years. With the advent of the Farm Bill and the recognition that other components of hemp flower (terpenes, flavinoids) MIGHT contribute to the overall experience beyond THC and CBD, farmers have started to grow CBD flower specifically for smoking and vaporizing. Some of the best CBD flower vendors are now growing famous strains, indoors, in living soil or hydroponically.

For those who enjoy vaping or smoking, hemp flower has become a pleasant and effective way to enjoy CBD. While we didn’t even have a category for CBD flower when we started CBDtop10, we are now convinced that the best CBD flower list will remain an important part of our review catalog.

Hemp Flower as a Smokable Option

Best Hemp Flower StrainsCBD use has grown at an amazing rate over the last few years. As its popularity has increased, it’s logical that the ways in which people want to use CBD have also grown. Oils and topicals were the first introduction to CBD for many, followed soon after by CBD in edible products, and now in smokable CBD flower.

For those who enjoy smoking, today’s hemp flower strains can be smoked in the same way as its cannabis cousin, either loose or in pre-rolled joints. For those who don’t want direct smoke, vaping is a great alternative. Convenient vaporizers are available in a wide range of price points.

The CBD flower choices available to consumers are many and varied, and also quickly-changing. New strains are released frequently, and, if they come from a small grower, often sell out quickly. It can be difficult to keep up with the market and discover the best CBD flower, but that’s why you have come to the right place. We at CBDtop10 are excited by the hemp flower market and will strive to stay current with frequent, thoughtful reviews.

How CBD Flower is Different

If you’re new around CBDtop10, you might not be familiar with what makes CBD flower different from other forms of cannabis.  Here’s a quick summary of Cannabidiol, or CBD for short. CBD is a commonly occurring compound that is found in cannabis plants, including the hemp variety. It is the best known cannabinoid in hemp, as CBD flower specifically reduces THC content below the legal .3% limit. CBD lacks the intoxicating effects common with THC consumption and is thought to potentially deliver other benefits listed below.

CBD binds to receptors in our endocannabinoid system that we all possess and is part of the nervous system. To be clear, the FDA has not recognized CBD as medicinal, though there are many users who swear by the benefits. The possible therapeutic benefits of CBD being explored include:

Unlike THC-focused flower from dispensaries, which often has CBD bred completely out of the strain, CBD flower can be a great option for individuals looking for the potential benefits of cannabis without the psychoactive effects.

Why CBD Flower?

Smoking CBD Flower pipe grinderOnce CBD is extracted from hemp, there are a variety of products that have been developed to deliver it into the body. The most popular early way to achieve this was for CBD to be mixed in an oil “carrier” and offer CBD oils for sale. That said, certain people have digestive system issues that prevent them from consuming specific oils. For others, the taste of hemp (grassy) found in many oils is a total turn-off.

On the back of CBD oils came CBD edibles. CBD is now infused into any number of foods and beverages for ingestion and processing via the digestive tract. While a different experience from a consumption standpoint, edibles can still deliver the cannabinoid goodness that consumers are looking for.

Finally, there are still many people who enjoy a calming smoke or vape. Cannabis has its roots, no pun intended, in the smokable realm. Those who do enjoy smoking will tell you that the bioavailability and rapid absorption makes CBD flower a totally different experience. The effect is quick and noticeable, delivering CBD goodness at a faster, often more powerful clip.

Hemp Flower Choices Abound

Buy cbd flower hemp flowerOne factor that looms large in the decision to use CBD flower is the remarkable variety to be found in the market. A multitude of strains deliver a wide variety of tastes and effects. New strains arrive constantly, bringing even more variety.

Three major types of smokable CBD dominate the description of hemp flower; sativa, indica and hybrid. For those of you with any background with THC-dominant strains, these labels will be familiar.  For those of you that are new to CBD flower, read on.

Now, as a disclaimer, we must say that cannabis purists do not love the idea of maintaining indica, sativa and hybrid labels. They would argue that all cannabis flower has evolved over time to be hybrids and the “indica” and “sativa” labels often fail to deliver upon the stereotypical effects of those labels.  But, that said, for a primer, here is what those terms have historically represented:

The effect from Sativa-dominant strains is generally considered to be a “head” effect, known for increased alertness and energy. Many users report heightened creativity and recommend sativas for daytime use.

Indica, on the other hand, is considered to deliver a “body” effect, often associated with the feeling of wanting to sink into a couch to relax. In the case of indica-dominant strains, pain relief and mellowness are the most common sensations and are often preferred in the evenings.

Hybrids, as you might expect, fall somewhere in the middle and may be weighted one way or the other.

Hunting the Best CBD Flower

Best CBD Hemp Flower in HandBy the time you consider the number of brands in smokable hemp flower, each having numerous strains across the indica, sativa and hybrid categories, you might be wondering where you even start with CBD flower.  Any product that will have an impact on one’s mind, body, and wallet, is clearly one to do your research on.

So, you start out looking at growers’ websites. What do you find? Every brand will tell you they’re the best! Let’s ignore that and look a little deeper; what is the company’s process, mission, source of the hemp, etc.

You could end up doing a LOT of reading, and you may still find it hard to determine which are the best CBD flower options. Dear reader, we propose to you the CBDtop10 shortcut:

CBDtop10 and CBD Flower Reviews

CBD Hemp Flower Comparison ReviewsWe’ve read the CBD flower brand websites, we’ve scoured the forums and we’ve personally smoked or vaped dozens upon dozens of leading hemp flower products. Our team will continue to do so such that we can distill down the best of the best CBD flower brands and strains for you.  In the end, we believe you’ll save time, money and have the best possible experience out of the gates in your CBD flower journey.

By objectively applying our testing criteria, we believe we’re achieving a true apples-to-apples comparison across the various types of CBD products. In short, we have done your homework.

The CBDtop10 process starts before we even purchase a strain, or accept a CBD product for review. We make every effort to ensure that the CBD flower comes from reputable growers using sustainable, reliable North American or European hemp sources. As with all product categories we review, there must be independent testing and availability of test results.

When a brand has met these criteria and we have researched enough to know the company is a legitimate, quality-focused brand, we accept one or more flower strains to be considered in our search for the best CBD flower.

Our CBD Flower Scoring Metrics

Smoking and vaping a bunch of flower might not seem like all that hard of a job, but our process involves a multitude of evaluation steps and checkpoints. Specifically, we step the products through based on five criteria:

  • Hemp Flower Review FormThe Five Senses – We look at the total sensory experience that a user gets from CBD flower. The first impression begins when the packaging is opened and the aroma hits. Obviously, we assess how pleasant or unpleasant the that smell is. There is variation in the taste of flower strains depending on whether you smoke or vape them; some have a gassy or diesel tinge, others are noticeably fruity, etc. Certain strains will appeal to users in different ways.
  • Bag Appeal – The way that CBD flower looks not only adds or detracts from the user’s appreciation of their purchase, it can also be an indicator of the quality and care that went into cultivation and preparation. Savvy buyers look for sealed packaging, “frosty” buds, minimal stems and extraneous plant material. Moisture content is important, and the structure is, as well.
  • Potency – With so much variety to choose from, this is a fun area to assess. We look at the percentage of CBD content relative to total cannabinoid content. THC content is critical; remaining below 0.3% is necessary for legality in many states, and users will want varying THC levels depending on what effect they desire. We compare the listed potency vs. the actual effect.
  • Effect – this is a subjective value that we discuss among ourselves to see how each team member “felt” after a CBD flower session. We don’t claim any medical solutions from CBD, but we consider how we feel in body and mind, how we sleep or remain alert, etc.
  • Price– This is easy enough to explain. We look at the price in terms of cents per milligram of CBD. Flower can be one of the cheapest sources of CBD, but you also, not surprisingly, burn up a lot of the contents.  Flower is generally sold by the ounce or fractional ounce, and pricing can vary widely depending on whether the product is grown outdoors in bulk or indoors in smaller batches.

Along with these five criteria, we look at specific practices and intangible values of each company to get a better feel for their mission. These observations can sway our opinions, and are often pointed out in our “Initial Thoughts” section.

The Best CBD Flower

Just like that, we’ve made it to the big reveal! Below is our current list of the best CBD flower that we have reviewed. Please bear in mind that this list can and will change as we review more strains and brands, so check back to stay current.

Finally, and importantly, we do not claim to have tried every CBD flower strain out there. There are absolutely some gems that we have not yet tried. Of the ones we have reviewed, here is our list of the top 10 best CBD flower:

CBD Flower                       Score (1-10)

Secret Nature Frosted Kush                                                      9.0

Secret Nature CBD ReviewThis top-rated cbd flower boasts premium packaging, an easy-to-navigate website, great product descriptions, 100% organic products and rave customer reviews. Our reviewers agreed with the customers – this one is a winner! We love that lab results for each strain are front and center, too. Read our review here, or go to Secret Nature to shop, and use code CBDTOP10 for 10% off.

WNC CBD BaOX                                                                        9.0   

WNC CBD Review FlowerWNC is known for having exclusively indoor-grown flower at a reasonable price. Our team chose the BaOX strain and discovered we had another top-dog contender. WNC CBD is doing things right and this BaOX flower is proof. Read our review here, or go to WNC CBD to shop, and use code CBDTOP10 for 10% off.

Hemp Hop Abacus Diesel                                                        8.8

Hemp Hop CBD Flower Abacus DieselHailing from Charlotte, North Carolina, Hemp Hop is breaking the California and Oregon producer mold. This hemp flower is getting rave reviews from customers, and we’re joining the chorus. On top of a slight cherry finish to the smoke, we found it to be super mellow. Read our review here, or go to Hemp Hop to shop.

Black Tie Blueberry Pie #7                                                       8.8

Black Tie Review Blueberry Pie CBD FlowerBlack Tie has a TON of CBD products for sale. The website is well organized and chock full of detailed descriptions of their cbd flower, which we appreciate. This flower definitely lets you know it’s working from the jump. In short order, we had a great muscle chill throughout most of our body. Read our review here, or go to Black Tie to shop, and use CBDTOP10 for 15% off.

WNC CBD Strawberry Cake                                                    8.7

WNC CBD Flower Strawberry CakeAfter trying the WNC BaOX product, we became instant fans and they have yet to disappoint. WNC offers high quality, hydroponically grown indoor hemp flower from North Carolina, and they’ve produced another winner with this Strawberry Cake strain. Read our review here, or go to WNC CBD to shop, and use code CBDTOP10 for 10% off.

Beleafer Remedy X Blossom                                                   8.6

Beleafer CBDBeleafer is a smaller CBD vendor that specializes in high quality, exotic CBD flower and other alternative health products. This great looking flower has a sweet and earthy aroma, with dense and robust buds and a heavy coating of trichomes all over. When smoked, this is a very physically comforting strain, great for relaxation. Read our review here, or go to Beleafer to shop.

Revel Valley P10                                                                       8.5

Best CBD FlowerRevel Valley is climbing the charts with their Oregon hemp flower grown in living soil free of pesticides.  It’s awesome for a bedtime strain; in our relaxed, chilled and sedated state, we fell quickly into a deep sleep. The next day, we woke up feeling refreshed and relaxed. Very nice! Read our review here, or go to Revel Valley to shop.

Hometown Hero Zero G                                                          8.4

Hometown Hero CBD Flower Zero GThis Zero G CBD strain from relatively new producer Hometown Hero took 2nd place at the 2020 High Times Hemp Cup. The Zero G delivers quickly and effectively, sending a slight, mellow chill running through the body. Then, the sativa effect was mostly concentrated in the head. A nice entry in our list.  Read our review here, or go to Hometown Hero to shop, and use code CBDTOP10 for 10% off.

Secret Nature Sweet Cake                                                     8.4

Secret Nature Sweet Cake CBD FlowerSecret Nature has nice packaging, an easy-to-use website, in-depth product descriptions, is all organic flower and accumulates stellar reviews. Everything you might want to know about the product appears prominently on the Certificate of Analysis. The effect is evenly distributed between the head and body, and the world slowed down for few minutes as it settled in. Sweet Cake is a worthy companion to the Secret Nature Frosted Kush in our #1 spot. Read our review here, or go to Secret Nature to shop, and use code CBDTOP10 for 10% off.

Five Leaf Wellness Grape Diesel                                           8.4

Five Leaf Wellness CBD Flower Review Grape DieselWe had a great conversation with the Five Leaf Wellness team and we’re excited to hear about some of the new CBD flower strains they have in the works. FLW is not only a flower company; it offers a range of CBD products from oils to edibles and concentrates. The Grape Diesel strain delivers on all of our expectations – we experienced a nice, full-body chill starting in the torso and moving eventually into other areas. Read our review here, or go to Five Leaf Wellness to shop.

All of the flower strains we review have met our quality standards, but don’t think that these ten flowers are your only acceptable choices. Most of the CBD flower we have tried tend to cluster around the same scores (within a few tenths of a point), so there are a number of other reviews on our site that are scored close to these ten – do some exploring!

The Final Word on the Best CBD Flower

Smoking CBD Hemp FlowerThe final word on the best CBD flower is…there is no final word! Our CBDtop10 lists are subject to frequent change. A number of flower strains have impressed our reviewers and scored well as of late. Many of them are tied with products in this top 10 list. As these and other new strains are evaluated, our list will definitely see some shuffling.

We are always reviewing new CBD offerings. There is a steady flow of CBD brands that are constantly launching high quality CBD flower. We will keep an eye on these strains as closely as we can. It’s a task that we love to do, and we take our flower seriously.

We are usually notified of the release of new strains by the CBD growers, but we know we don’t catch them all. If you are using a CBD flower that you think could rank with our best CBD flower, please let us know! This is a communal undertaking and we look forward to conversations about our selections.