Five Leaf Wellness CBD Review

We’ve reviewed Five Leaf Wellness’ Grape Diesel CBD flower. Stay tuned for more reviews of Five Leaf Wellness CBD products.

Grape Diesel hemp flower, Indica Hybrid, Indoor, 18.5% CBD, <.3% delta 9 THC

Five Leaf Wellness Grape Diesel CBD Flower



Five Senses


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Initial Thoughts

Sometimes we ask to speak with brands on the phone. Less often, they ask to talk to us first. Why does that matter? Well, if they’re making sure the people reviewing and promoting their products are legit, you can be reasonably sure they’re putting a lot of love into the brand they’re protecting. We had a great conversation with a member of the Five Leaf Wellness team and we’re excited to hear about some of the new flower strains they have in the works. But, FLW is not only a flower company. They offer a range of CBD products on their website, from oils to edibles and concentrates. It’s hard to resist starting with the flower, as the pictures on the website suggest they have some top-notch offerings. We plan to come back around later to the other product categories. For now, we’re diving straight into a container of Grape Diesel.

The Five Senses (8.5 out of 10)

Our eighth of Grape Diesel arrived in a shiny, white, pop-top tube from Five Leaf Wellness. Within a minute or two we opened it up and a dank, earthy scent – typical of an indica – hit our nostrils. This scent is what we expected, but once the flower hits the grinder, that is where it really shines. Our earthy eighth suddenly had hints of grape after being broken down, I kid you not. Ok, that makes sense for the grape part. But, does it live up to it’s Diesel half? Indeed it does. Combusting this flower is going to give you the taste of diesel that almost matches the diesel goodness of Hemp Hop Abacus Diesel. The smoke is mellow, both when vaped and combusted. The diesel taste does still leave room for a slightly sweet finish to each hit.

Curb Appeal (10 out of 10)

You will not find a better looking flower. Wow. In every respect, this has top tier flower written all over it. The nuggets are plump, full and dense. Every bit of this flower is covered in a solid layer of crystals. The cure is perfect and very sticky. Grape Diesel is lime green overall with long, amber pistils everywhere. But, the trim job – oh my. The trim job is impeccable. Someone spent a lot of time with tiny clippers making this happen. When you add it all up, there isn’t one thing we would change about this flower. This is the type of flower you pull out for a friend to show what indoor CBD flower is all about.

Potency (8.0 out of 10)

Five Leaf Wellness Grape Diesel clocks in at 18.5% CBD content, which puts this strain on the middle-upper end of the CBD potency spectrum. The product is marked as a hybrid, which means they expect you to feel a little bit of the body effects of an indica with some of the focusing effects of a sativa. When it comes to THC percentage, all we know at the moment is that this Grape Diesel flower comes in under .3% delta 9 THC. We won’t know the exact level until FLW publishes the COA for this strain. This is a new strain, so we can’t fault them there. Per usual, our view is that the terpenes matter a lot more than the THC content. Unfortunately, Five Leaf Wellness does not publish their terpene reports at this time. We highly encourage them to do so in the future so that the community can continue to educate themselves on what they like in a CBD flower.

Effect (9.0 out of 10)

Boom. The Grape Diesel strain delivers on all of our expectations. It had all the sensory makings of being a great flower and the effects confirm it. Our reviewer experienced a nice, full-body chill starting in the torso and moving eventually into the arms and head. The chill effect is reminiscent of Berkshire CBD’s Remedy strain and intensifies through a session. We knew mentally that this was a hybrid, but the scent screamed indica so it does surprise you with a sativa focus. As our reviewer took notes, he made the comment that this flower simultaneously makes your muscles feel “melty,” while also delivering a focused energy. That’s a very cool combination, because usually you have to choose between them. Another surprise? It’s not really that sedating. We would feel comfortable smoking this in the afternoon. Chalk up a big score for this tasty hybrid!

Price (7.2 out of 10)

As the old saying goes, you get what you pay for. Yes, this flower is on the more expensive end of the spectrum. Grape Diesel pricing runs $35 for an eighth, $60 for 1/4, $80 for a 1/2 and $150 for an ounce. The most expensive flower still belongs to Secret Nature. But, this is right up there in terms of premium pricing. Luckily, FLW is discounting a little heavier at the higher volume levels than Secret Nature. At this pricing, you’re getting CBD anywhere from 5.4 cents per milligram on the high end (eighth) to 2.9 cents on the low end (ounce). But, for all the reasons listed above, this flower sells out almost as quickly as it comes into stock. Short story – if you can find it in stock, you will not regret buying this flower if you can afford it. It will surely be one that finds a permanent home in our stash.