WNC CBD Review

We’ve reviewed WNC’s most popular line of CBD flower. Stay tuned for more reviews of WNC CBD products.

WNC Boax CBD Flower, 22.51% CBD, 1.05% THCa

WNC CBD Flower Boax



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Initial Thoughts

This year has a tumultuous time for everyone. Thankfully, 2020 also saw the rise of a hemp company out of North Carolina called WNC CBD. WNC started off as a wholesale flower vendor that did limited retail sales through word of mouth. But, in the past months, they have risen to be one of the more popular vendors in the CBD flower world. WNC is known for having exclusively indoor-grown flower at a reasonable price, which has been highlighted by our favorite YouTube CBD reviewer Shabazz. The Reddit hempflowers subreddit is also chock full of people posting their positive experiences with WNC. The website and presentation is not the prettiest or most eye catching, but the flower has a great reputation in the community now. Given all of the hype around WNC, we were excited to dive into our first review of their Boax strain.

Bag Appeal (9.0 out of 10)

Let’s start off with the smell. Opening our bag of Boax from WNC unleashed a scent that smelled both unique and pleasant. It’s not necessarily the loudest flower, but all you smell is terpenes – no smell of hay or dried grass to be found. We haven’t had a flower smell this pungent since the Abacus Diesel and Frosted Kush before it. The smell on this strain is sweet and citrusy, with a very funky sour pine smell. The buds are medium-large and cured to perfection (soft, spongy but not overly moist). Quite honestly, the nuggets look monstrous due to the massive foxtails shooting off of the buds. There is a great trichome coverage with Boax – not as frosty as the Frosted Kush – but frostier than 90% of the strains we’ve reviewed thus far. The color of the flower is a uniform dark lime, or military green, contrasted with long and wild amber-orange pistils throughout. Did we mention that it’s sticky? Breaking this flower done left our fingers CAKED in resin. A grinder is definitely recommended. Overall, the bag appeal on this is great, and this is definitely one of those strains you’d want to pull out to impress a group of fellow hemp smokers.

User Experience (10.0 out of 10)

This flower burns CLEAN. Loaded in the bowl of a pipe, it almost evaporates into a pleasant smoke without any harshness at all. Our reviewers experienced very minimal throat irritation on this, even when inhaling big hits. The taste is pretty solid, as well, with a slight gassy taste. You don’t really get gas on the inhale, but it lingers in the mouth and back of the throat afterwards. Combined with the clean burning smoke, this was an extremely pleasant combustion experience. When we tried it in our vaporizer, we got a bright flavor that tasted how the flower smells. We were able to take some big draws without any harshness or coughing. Well done, WNC!

Potency (8.5 out of 10)

Ok, the first negative thing we have to say so far about WNC – and not necessarily about this strain – is that WNC doesn’t provide terpene reports on their strains. However, the owner, Mike, has said that he’s working on including those in the near future due to popular demand. Needless to say, we’re looking forward to that. WNC does provide both a paper copy of COAs, as well as a scan on their product page on their website. That’s a nice touch and should be the same with any reputable vendor. Boax comes in at a whopping 22.51% CBD, well above our 15-20% recommended range. It also has a pretty high THCA content of 1.05%. That, combined with the high CBD content, means that this flower is potent for hemp. Theoretically, it should provide a lot of relief and perceivable effects for the user.

Effect (9.5 out of 10)

The onset of effects from this flower is nearly instant. We felt our muscles relax almost immediately and a chill crept in behind the forehead, eventually spreading around the cranial area. The body effect kicked in soon after that. We felt heavy and relaxed, urging us to sit down and chill. Despite feeling super relaxed and melty, we stayed pretty lucid and clear headed. With the effects going the way they were, we expected to experience some deep brain fog but, surprisingly, stayed alert and relatively focused. This is a definite evening or chill strain, maybe even good for some pain management. Boax is a hybrid strain, with near 50/50 sativa/indica genetics, so we were expecting a balance of effects, and that’s what we got, though slightly leaning to the indica side. This flower easily is a top five effect.

Price (8.0 out of 10)

Let’s start by saying that there are not many vendors with this quality of flower.  So, how do you gauge the price? It’s more expensive than outdoor, sure, but this is like comparing a Ferrari to a Honda.  As far as high quality, indoor hydroponically grown hemp flower, WNC’s prices seem completely fair to us. At $35 for a quarter ounce, $60 for a half, and $100 flat with shipping included for an ounce, we don’t really have any complaints. You’d be hard pressed to find flower of this quality for less. Hemp Hop and Five Leaf Wellness, which are considered high quality indoor, sell their stuff well above this price point. When you combine that with fast shipping, secure packaging and a good variety of new strains being rolled out constantly, the price tag doesn’t leave us longing for more.