Best CBD Edibles

We’ve sampled a wide variety of the best CBD edibles and CBD gummies to arrive at our top ten list. These rankings take into account the combination of taste, potency, effect and price across all categories of CBD. Use the buttons below to switch between categories of CBD. Click on the product image for an in-depth description or on the link to purchase.

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Best CBD Edibles

Assorted Best CBD EdiblesCBD use has grown at an amazing rate over the last few years. As its popularity has increased, it’s logical that the ways in which people want to use CBD have also grown. Oils and topicals were the first introduction to CBD for many, but it wasn’t long before the availability and popularity of CBD edibles caught on.

Tasty, convenient, and easy to consume, edibles are available in all types and strengths. One can choose from CBD gummies, mints, candies, cookies, trail mix, and on and on. With all these choices, how does someone wade through it all to find the best CBD edibles? CBDtop10 is here to help! Read on to find out how we have sorted out some of the best CBD edibles you will find and a list of our top 10.

History of CBD Edibles

CBD Edibles History BrowniesCBD Edibles are a relatively new phenomenon in the overall tradition of infusing cannabis into food products. Some historians believe that cannabis food infusions were happening as early as 1500 BCE! If true, those pioneers set off a long, sometimes illegal, practice that has persisted into our modern society. While those early infusions likely focused on infusing marijuana into food, only recently has CBD had its chance to shine in edible form.

As various US states started to legalize medical marijuana, cannabis edibles have graduated from homemade brownie tins with questionable potency to mass-produced, packaged goods with precision potency. CBD, on the other hand, didn’t get the mass production treatment in the USA until the passage of the Farm Bill, which legalized hemp products nationally containing under .3% THC.

In just a few short years since the enactment of the Farm Bill, both the brands producing CBD and the production methods have been elevated in commercial standards.  Today, you can find CBD edibles of all types and flavors, jumpstarting an entire industry that we’re very excited to follow.

Why CBD Edibles?

Edible CBD Capsules Bluebird BotanicalsOnce CBD is extracted from the hemp plant, there has to be a means to deliver it to users. One easy solution was to mix the CBD in an oil “carrier” and offer CBD oils to consumers. Of course, some people have digestive system issues that prevent them from consuming oils. For others, the grassy hemp taste found in many oils is a total turn-off.

Enter CBD edibles! CBD can be infused into any number of food and drink, including the ever popular CBD gummies. A quick search will reveal a wide variety of strengths, flavors, and food types to bewilder the reader. Take comfort in the fact that CBDtop10 has done your homework for you to bring you this list of the best CBD edibles.

Hunting the Best CBD Edibles

How to find CBD EdiblesCBD gummies and edibles, as with any product that has an impact on the mind, body, and wallet, are clearly a concept you’ll want to research before buying. Of course, every brand website is going to tell you they’re the best! We’re here to dig deeper than that; what is the company’s mission, process, sources of hemp, extraction methods, testing standards, etc.

Even when you do a lot of reading, you may still find it hard to sort it all out and determine which are the best CBD edibles. Dear reader, we propose to you the CBDtop10 shortcut:

CBDtop10 and CBD Edible Reviews

The review team has done the heavy lifting of research for you. Yes, of course we’ve read all of the websites, but beyond that, we have tried dozens of CBD edible products. From there, we evaluate the products through the lens of our review criteria that enables us to find the best of the best. We talk to the manufacturers making CBD edibles. We scour the customer reviews and engage in hemp forums. Put simply, your homework has been done for you. You’re welcome.

Our process starts before we even buy a product, or accept a product from a manufacturer for review.  To be considered for a review by the CBDtop10 team, we insist that the CBD products meet these three fundamental criteria:

  • CBD Oil Reviews Page Hemp AuthorityHemp from what we believe is a reliable North American or European source
  • Supercritical CO2 extraction (or similar non-toxic method) of CBD
  • Independent testing and availability of test results

If and when we believe a brand has met the above criteria – and we have researched enough to know the company is a legitimate, quality-focused brand – we will accept one or more of their products to be considered in our search for the best CBD edibles.

Our Scoring Metrics

Our review process involves team members trying the edible product and recording their impressions on a variety of factors. We score the products based on five criteria:

  • CBD Oil Reviews FormTaste –we assess how pleasant or unpleasant the taste is. Some CBD products are flavored, some not. Sweetness of flavored products is not necessarily a high-ranking factor. Some have an exotic taste that is unusual but satisfying. In full spectrum products, there is a grassy taste from the hemp plant. Gels and capsules are swallowed whole and have no taste. Aftertaste also comes into play with CBD gummies.
  • Delivery – when considering a CBD edible, we assess various aspects of the product delivery; is the texture pleasing and consistent with a similar non-CBD-infused product? Does it taste good? Is it a product that would be enjoyable without the CBD benefit? Is the recommended dosage indicated? All of these factors contribute to the overall experience.
  • Potency – We look at the concentration of CBD per volume of the product. This is easier with edibles than it is with oils, as the CBD content for packaged edibles is the same for each unit and is clearly marked. Most CBD edibles come in serving sizes ranging from 10 to 50 milligrams, although we have seen CBD gummies containing 100 mg of CBD. Beyond that, how does the CBD land relative to its concentration level? Some edibles are intended to have low concentrations for specific purposes, others are intended to pack a high-concentration punch.
  • Effect – this is a subjective value that we discuss among ourselves to see how each team member “felt” the CBD. We don’t claim any medical solutions from CBD, but we consider how we feel in body and mind, how we sleep, etc.
  • Price– This is easy enough to explain. We look at the price in terms of cents per milligram of CBD. Typically, this value ranges from about five cents to 15 cents per milligram, but we’ve seen higher and lower numbers. CBD gummies are often higher priced than oils, as would be expected. Surprisingly, some high-quality edibles have come in at the low end of this range, so it is possible to find great value.

Beyond our core metrics, we also look at specific practices and intangible values of each company to get a feel for their mission. Yes, the intangibles absolutely can sway our opinions, and are often pointed out in our “Initial Thoughts” section.

The Best CBD Edibles

Drumroll please…the reveal! Below is our current list of the best CBD edibles that we have reviewed to date. Right now, the list is primarily composed of CBD gummies, as gummies are some of the most popular products in the market. Keep in mind, this list will change as we review more CBD edibles, so check back often to stay up to speed.

Finally, a disclaimer; we do not claim to have tried every CBD edibles product on the market, so there are sure to be some gems yet to be found. Based on what we have reviewed, here is our list of the top 10 best CBD edibles:

CBD Edible                              Score (1-10)

Green Roads 15 mg Chocolate Bar                                                    9.4

Green Roads CBD Chocolate Bar 15mg EdibleGreen Roads believes in raising the industry quality bar and has drawn from its pharmacy heritage to accomplish that. This CBD chocolate bar is truly a decadent experience. Usually, you get edibles that are not quite on par with the taste as they are with the CBD content. However, this is a great tasting chocolate bar. Come for the CBD, stay for the taste. Read our review here, or go to Green Roads to shop, and use code CBDTOP1010 for 10% off.

Green Roads 50 mg Froggies                                                             8.8

CBD Edibles Products Green Roads 50Green Roads has outdone themselves with the introduction of the 50 mg Froggies product, which are CBD gummies in the shape of frogs. The taste, delivery, potency, and body effect are on point, ticking all of the boxes we look for when reviewing CBD products. Read our review here, or go to Green Roads to shop, and use code CBDTOP1010 for 10% off.

Infused Edibles 150 mg Candy Belts                                                 8.1

Infused Edibles Rainbow Belts 150mg CBD EdiblesWe’ve reviewed several products from Infused Edibles, and they set a high bar for taste. These Candy Belts would serve as perfect substitutes of their non-CBD counterparts from a candy manufacturer. Each Rainbow Belt has 60mg of CBD, so they pack a decent amount of punch for CBD gummies. Read our review here, or go to Infused Edibles to shop.

Infused Edibles 75 mg Gummy Worms                                             8.1

Infused Edibles Gummy Worms 75mg CBD EdiblesAs with the Candy Belts above, the taste, texture and aftertaste of these Gummy Worms match the non-CBD counterparts without a hint of hemp. They’re incredibly tasty. These Worms are an everyday edible that can normalize your endocannabinoid system without putting you to sleep. Read our review here, or go to Infused Edibles to shop.

Infused Edibles 500 mg Peach Gummies                                          8.1

Infused Edibles CBD Peach Gummies 500mg EdiblesYes, it’s getting repetitive, but the taste of these CBD gummies, like the Candy Belts and Gummy Worms, is fantastic. At 25mg per gummy, they pack a decent amount of cannabidiol into a small form factor. Another winner from Infused Edibles. Read our review here, or go to Infused Edibles to shop.

Hemp Bombs 15 mg CBD Gummies                                                  7.8

Hemp Bombs CBD Gummies ReviewWe rarely give out perfect 10s, but the max strength CBD gummies from Hemp Bombs are perfect on the taste metric. The gummies taste exactly like sugar-coated gummy bears from the grocery store. A 15mg dose seems to operate in the background – providing a sense of calm in social situations. Read our review here, or go to Hemp Bombs to shop.

Lunchbox Alchemy 100 mg CBD Edible                                             7.7

100mg Cherry CBD Edible Squib from Lunchbox AlchemyLunchbox Alchemy concocts these delicious hemp gummies from organic and natural ingredients. The lab reports push the limit on legal amount of THC – right up to the 0.3% barrier. If you’re looking for a little extra kick, look no further. We found the CBD edible Squibs to be tasty and effective. Read our review here, or go to Lunchbox Alchemy to shop.

Pure Hemp Botanicals 250 mg CBD Mints                                        7.3

Pure Hemp Botanicals 250 mg Chocolate CBD MintsPure Hemp Botanicals is serious about quality and health, in addition to making a convenient product. The taste is decently chocolate-like, and dosage can be controlled in increments of 10 mg per CBD mint, making it simple to zone in on your preferred dose. Read our review here, or go to Pure Hemp Botanicals to shop.

Green Garden Gold 60 mg CBD Gummies                                        6.1

GreenGardenGold Yummy Gummies 60mgGGG has been in business since 2013, and they have optimized their processes and products by monitoring every aspect of production. As with all of the GGG products we have tried, the quality is evident in these CBD gummies. Read our review here, or go to Green Garden Gold to shop.

Charlotte’s Web Calm Gummies 10 mg Lemon Lime                          Coming soon…

Best CBD Edibles Products GroupThe sun will come up each day, and Charlotte’s Web will make quality CBD products – count on it. These CBD gummies are tasty and effective, a result of the knowledge, experience, and focus on quality that the CW people have. Read our review here, or go to Charlotte’s Web to shop, and use code CBDTOP10 for 10% off.

Each of the above products have met our standards, but don’t think that these ten edibles are your only acceptable choices. The majority of the CBD edibles we have tried tend to cluster around the same scores (within a few tenths of a point), so there are a number of other edibles on our site that are scored very close to these 10 – do some exploring!

The Final Word

Best Edibles to Buy The final word on the 10 best CBD edibles is that there is no final word! Our list is subject to change frequently. There are a number of edibles have impressed our review team and scored close to the top 10. So well, in fact, that they are either tied with, or right on the heels, of the above products. As new edibles are evaluated or new versions reevaluated, our list will definitely see some shuffling.

The CBDtop10 team is always searching for new and interesting CBD offerings. We love CBD brands that are constantly launching innovative, high quality edibles and CBD gummies. We will keep an eye on the edible industry as closely as we can. It’s a task that we love to do and take seriously.

Typically, the CBD companies themselves will notify us of new CBD edible launches, but we know we don’t catch them all. If you are using a CBD edible product that you think could be one of our best CBD edibles, please reach out! This is a communal undertaking and we look forward to conversations about our selections.