Joy Organics CBD Review

We’ve reviewed Joy Organics’ 500mg CBD oil. Stay tuned for more reviews of Joy Organics CBD products.

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Initial Thoughts

We were intrigued by the backstory of CBD newcomer Joy Organics, and our decision to review was rewarded with the discovery of a quality product. This Colorado Company is a family business with a collection of diverse talents contributing to the process. The website has a nice blog, an excellent booklet called The Ultimate CBD Oil Guide, and, most important, current testing certificates. Most of all, we wanted to try their much-touted nano-emulsion technology. We chose the 500mg Oil Tincture, in the middle of the available strength range.

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Taste (9.2 out of 10)

We started with the lemon-flavored CBD oil (natural, mint, and orange are also available). The taste was exceptional; mild and pleasantly citrus, with hardly any noticeable trace of the usual grass-like taste of many CBD oils. This may be the best-tasting oil we have tried.

Delivery (8.0 out of 10)

The Joy Organics bottle has a standard straight dropper, and readers of our reviews know we are not big fans of the method. However, it is not too bad if you are careful to contain drips, and it is widely used throughout the industry. Joy adds a nice touch of marking fractional divisions on the dropper glass to help you size your dosage. A dropper contains 16.7 mg of CBD, which Joy suggests for a serving. We usually take a higher dose, but we stayed with a dropper full to test the nano-emulsion absorption claims.

Potency (8.0 out of 10)

A 500 mg oil is a mid to lower range strength CBD oil. As such, it is not among the highest potency levels we have reviewed, but it certainly acted like it was. As mentioned above, we used a lower dose than we normally do, and yet we found the potency to approach that of other, higher concentration CBD oils. The nice thing is, you aren’t paying the prices that you would pay for higher concentrations either. Find the right potency for you by starting with a few drops and move up until you reach the desired effect.

Effect (9.0 out of 10)

Joy Organics makes only full-spectrum products, and their prominent claim is the superior absorption delivered by their nano-emulsion technology. This technology produces significantly smaller particles , and we found their claims to have merit: the calming CBD effect was noticeably quick to set in, and the dosage required was smaller than we would have needed with many other CBD oils. It feels like Joy has a winner with this technology.

Price (9.0 out of 10)

This 1 ounce (30 ml) bottle contains 500 mg of CBD and lists for $59.99. A quick calculation results in a cost of $.083 per milligram. This is near the low end of the price range we have seen for CBD products, and makes this Joy Organics an exceptional value, especially considering the good results we observed with a lower-than-usual dose. This oil gets a strong recommendation.