Medterra CBD Review

We’ve reviewed Medterra’s 1000mg CBD oil. Stay tuned for more reviews of Medterra CBD products.

Medterra CBD Oil 1000mg Tincture

Medterra CBD Review













Initial Thoughts

There are several brand names that dominate the CBD world, and Medterra is in that elite group. So what, we wondered, makes them deserving of such recognition? We got the 1000 mg tincture to review, and looked into the history and production methods they use in order to find out. It turns out that Medterra employs a strict “seed to table” process that results in products that earn awards, plaudits, and press coverage in Forbes, CBS News, Yahoo Finance, USA Today, etc. Some of the highlights often recognized by users and commentators include the organic hemp grown on their own Kentucky hemp farm, stringent third party testing, U.S. Hemp Authority quality certification, etc. Of course, we still needed to form our own opinion based on our criteria, so we put the 1000 mg tincture through our review process.

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Taste (9.0 out of 10)

It’s not clear how to score taste when there is no taste! That’s right, this oil is about as completely flavorless as it is possible to be. Some on our team detected a veeerrry slight taste of the coconut oil carrier, so we’ll mention that. For those who don’t care for the grassy taste of hemp or the flavors used by some brands to mask that grassy taste, this flavorless oil is a perfect choice. No scent, no taste, no argument here!

Delivery (8.0 out of 10)

Medterra uses a standard dropper for their oil delivery method. Our repeat readers know that we are not wild about droppers, but we recognize that it is pretty standard, and our score here reflects that. The dropper is imprinted with volume markings to help in gauging the desired dose, which we like to see, and this bumped the score a bit. The oil itself is clear and light, so along with the absence of flavor as described above, this is an easy oil to enjoy.

Potency (8.5 out of 10)

At 1000mg per 30ml, this product delivers a solid measure of CBD goodness. A full dropper (about 1 ml) will deliver 33.3 mg of this THC-free CBD. That’s a good solid dosage for a lot of us, in line with the normal dose that many people need unless they are dealing with a severe ailment. What this means is that most of us can use this oil at the recommended dosage and find that it easily meets our CBD regimen expectations. (If you think or know that a higher or lower dosage is right for you, you can use our How to Use CBD infographic to help you find the sweet spot for you).

Effect (9.0 out of 10)

At 1000 mg, this oil lands in the upper end of what we consider the middle range of most CBD product potency we see. We soon found out why this brand has met with great success in the crowded CBD market – our reviewers reported a clear effect of lightened mood and physical well-being. Medterra’s quality production methods have given us a pleasant and effective CBD oil.

Price (9.5 out of 10)

At the time of this review, the 1000 mg Medterra oil is priced at $55.99. This puts the cost at 5.6 cents per milligram of CBD. This is really pretty astonishing for an oil of this quality. We normally expect a range of 5 to 15 cents per milligram, so the quality and effectiveness of this oil at 5.6 cents puts is at the very low end of the usual price range. We consider that to be a great value that we would not hesitate to recommend. The icing on the cake for you is that you can apply our exclusive code CBDTOP10 and get another 15% off the price. Fantastic!