The holiday season has begun, and we’re back with the 2021 version of our annual CBD gift guide. This year finds our world in a (somewhat) better position than we were in last year. Hopefully, you will be able to gather together with healthy friends and family for holiday celebrations. Keep everyone healthy and happy with some great CBD gifts and hemp gifts this year. We’ve rounded up some of the best products you will find out there in the CBD world, and we recommend them for your gift list. 

We comb through the many brands that we like, looking for CBD gift ideas that are unique, high quality, fun, and healthy. There is a great selection once again, and we know you will find some ideas that will surprise and please your family and friends.

You can bet there will be more holiday products offered as we go through the rest of the year, so check our deals page often and follow our social media (@cbdtop10) for new ideas. Here is our list of smile-producing ideas:


Green Roads Candy Cane Crumble chocolate bar

Green Roads CBD is back with their latest amazing chocolate bar. These tasty treats top our Best Edibles list, and for the holidays they offer their Candy Cane Crumble version. Great for any chocolate loving CBD user, or anyone else for that matter. Buy it here.   $9.99

Green Roads doesn’t stop with great chocolate. It’s gotten on board with the growing recognition of the benefits of functional mushrooms. Bring those benefits to your loved ones with the Green Roads Lion’s Mane Capsules and Cordyceps Capsules. $24.99

CBDistillery Synergy line


CBDistillery is catching everyone’s attention with their new Synergy Line of broad spectrum products. Bring stress relief and comfort to your frazzled friends with the entourage effects of these multicannabinoid tinctures, gummies and drink mixes that feature CBD, CBG, CBN, and CBDA ($25 to $125). Our review team is loving these Synergy offerings – reviews to be posted soon.

Secret Nature flower bundle


Secret Nature offers some of the best quality flower we have found. Introduce your friends to the smooth-smoking Morning Bundle (on sale $59.50) or the At Work Bundle (on sale $85). Other bundles are available, too. Check them out on the Secret Nature website. Poke around a bit – lots of good stuff there!

Hemp Bombs edibles bundle


Hemp Bombs makes some of the best CBD gummies available, and you can buy them in a bundle to offer a great variety of tasty CBD treats to your loved ones. This bundle combines CBD gummies, capsules, lollipops, and an oil for just $99. Check it out on the Hemp Bombs website. There are plenty of other bundles you should look at also, and don’t forget a bundle of treats for your favorite pet.

Charlotte's Web gift bundle


Charlotte’s Web has a fantastic variety of gift sets and selections to choose from. Get specific and shop for gifts for Mom, for Dad, for stress and relaxation products, for sleep promotion products, for pain products, and some nice little stocking stuffers. If that’s not enough choices, check out all the bundles that CW offers, including the Website Exclusive Gift Set.

WNC Bordeaux flower


WNC CBD will knock the socks off of your hemp flower loving friends. The collection of primarily indoor grown strains from WNC is top quality, and our reviewers are stocking up on WNC stocking stuffers. Some of the current strains you can buy include Ice Queen Indoor, Banana MAC indoor, and Bordeaux Indoor

Plant Therapy holiday candles


Plant Therapy has a whole section of holiday gifts to choose from. The Peppermint Bark Flavored CBD Oil ($19.95) caught our eye, as did several candles (Apple Crisp, Candy Cane, Christmas Tree) $14.95. Check the whole collection out on the Plant Therapy site.

RandR hemp gummies


R+R Medicinals wowed our team recently with their amazing CBD gummies. They went straight to a quality candy maker and collaborated to produce some of the highest quality gummies you will find. Your friends and family will thank you every day for these vegan treats. (Available in broad spectrum or THC-free for $46.99).

Savage CBD carts bundle


Savage CBD has a great line-up to choose from. They offer some excellent tinctures that are sure  to be a hit – we particularly favor the Peach Pear tincture and Lemon Lime tincture (from $28.99). These unique tastes are a pleasure to take every day for a CBD regimen. If you don’t want tinctures for your friends and family, consider the high-quality gummies ($29.99) or the Full Spectrum Cartridge Bundle ($34.99). We like this Savage bunch, and your loved ones will too.

With a list like that, you’re sure to find just the right gift for everyone you shop for. But keep an eye on our deals page, too, because for sure there will be more sales and special product offers between now and the end of the year. We’re already getting notices of great Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, which we will post on the deals page as they go live.

If you haven’t seen anything listed that is a fit for your shopping list, take a few moments to look over our Top 10 Oils and Top 10 Flower lists. Many of the products we’ve reviewed offer discount codes!

Thanks for visiting and we wish you a Happy Holiday season and continued good health.

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