I went to the grocery store yesterday. There in the pharmacy section, right by the toothpaste and aspirin, was a brand new display of CBD products for sale.

I live in Ohio, and we just legalized CBD a couple of months ago. Suddenly, everyone is selling it – pharmacies, convenience stores, gas stations and, thankfully, CBD stores with knowledgeable staff. On the one hand, I am glad to see CBD becoming easily available to a larger consumer base. On the other hand, I am concerned about the ability of many potential buyers to know what they should buy, and the strong possibility that they will make a poor choice and give up on CBD because their chosen product didn’t work for them.

In my grocery store, for example, there was a range of CBD oils selling for as little as $25 on up to $120. If a shopper knows little or nothing about CBD, he or she might see the price difference and quickly reach for the $25 bottle, thinking they are a savvy shopper. Not that the $25 bottle was no good; it came from a quality CBD company that scored highly in our reviews. But unless they read the labels and understand the range of CBD concentration, they will not realize that they are buying a less potent formulation that may do little for them, or may be gone in a very short time because of the larger dosage required to achieve the desired result.

When starting a CBD regimen, it is so important to understand this wonderful compound and how one should make good choices in buying and consuming it. There are many helpful and informative sites that provide good information, and we’ve boiled it down to a very readable set of infographics to help consumers make those wise choices. First, go here to learn about how to make a smart CBD purchase, and then go here to learn how you can begin a sensible CBD regimen to help achieve your goals.

We here at CBDtop10.com are committed to gathering sound, trustworthy information about CBD and making that information available in a helpful, straightforward manner. We invite you to use our infographics to guide you and our reviews to present quality products for your consideration. Good health!

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