I’m sitting on my back porch and considering all that I have learned, read, and experienced with CBD over the past several years. I have come up with several themes that interest me, please me, or concern me, and I thought that maybe you will find these interesting also.

1 – The proliferation of CBD products and information about CBD has exploded (thanks, Captain Obvious) and that’s a great thing. More people gaining access to CBD and other cannabinoids means more people are being helped with very real problems.

2 – The proliferation of CBD products is concerning as well. We see an unregulated boom, and that inevitably attracts some bad actors. As has been amply documented, there are many incorrectly labeled products, exaggerated claims, and even harmful “CBD” products arriving on the market. We take our review process seriously – rely on our reviews for quality products.

3 – Hemp is an amazing plant, with the potential to literally change the world. Such a shame that its cultivation and study was prohibited for so long. This plant can be used for fuel, food, fabrics, paper, construction material, and of course the cannabinoids and terpenes which are so helpful, including most notably CBD.

4 – I’m a recently retired Boomer (don’t hate!), so some of these thoughts skew toward CBD in the lives of seniors. I see the potential and even the results right in front of me. I use CBD for anxiety and sleep with great effect. My wife applies topicals for aches and pains as well as taking CBD oils. I provide CBD oil to my parents (90 and 87 years old!) for their chronic pain. Our lives are clearly better because of CBD. I see the potential for many seniors to improve their well-being and make their golden years more pleasant with CBD.

5 – I’m glad that so many states are hurrying to bring their laws up to speed with the federal Farm Bill and making CBD and hemp explicitly legal. I’m thrilled that the FDA is holding hearings and showing their willingness to evaluate their approach to CBD and its regulation.

6 – The US Hemp Authority and the US Hemp Roundtable are wonderful organizations. If you benefit from a CBD regimen, thank these groups that do so much to disseminate information and to push for CBD/hemp legalization and recognition.

7 – CBD doesn’t work for everyone. I have friends who ask me about this – they’ve tried it and felt nothing. I’ve done a good bit of reading on this and will write a blog post to address it in detail, but here are some reasons it might not work for you: *You have a poor quality product * Your endocannabinoid system already produces more than normal cannabinoid levels and does not feel much difference when you take more *You need to give your CBD regimen more time and or change your dosage. As I said, more on this topic to come in this blog soon.

Those are my thoughts today. New reviews will be out soon. It’s hard to keep up, but we try. Be sure to check out our YouTube videos. I narrate them – please be generous in your thoughts and comments! Good health to all.


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