Charlotte's Web CBD Oil Review

Charlotte's Web Original Formula Olive Hemp Extract Oil

Overall: 8.6

Taste: 8.5

Delivery: 8.0

Potency: 9.0

Effect: 9.0

Price: 8.5

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Initial Thoughts

Despite the relative youth of the CBD industry, Charlotte's Web would likely be considered one of the founding fathers of the industry. Given the backstory that started the brand and the Stanley brothers establishing themselves early on, Charlotte's Web is one of the best known CBD brands on the market. They're also a publicly listed company, which should give new CBD buyers peace of mind. Unlike many newer CBD brands, Charlotte's Web feels like they're actually a mission-driven company at their core. The website, the branding and the packaging all exude market leadership. That's for a good reason, as we feel Charlotte's Web is putting out excellent products. The CBD Oil we purchased comes sleekly packaged and has unique flavors to offer. Overall, we are excited about Charlotte's Web mission and their product line. This is a great purchase for any CBD consumer, but especially for new buyers that might be wary of the CBD market.

Taste (8.5 out of 10)

This is a very subtle tasting oil for being natural (read: unflavored). It's not quite as light of a hemp taste as a handful of other natural oils we've tried, but it holds its own with the best of them. You will get a slight hint of hemp, but nothing off-putting or cringe-inducing. It's super smooth, in our opinion. If you do decide you want a flavored option, they also have a tasty Mint Chocolate version. But, we feel the natural Olive line is pretty great as-is.

Delivery (8.0 out of 10)

The Charlotte's Web Original Formula is darker than many of the products we've reviewed, but surprisingly not a "thick" oil. It's more of a tincture and surprisingly smooth. They use a standard dropper, which we're not fans of, but you get that with most oils. They're messy and prone to drips. There are also a handful of reviews online which mention that the new packaging is causing some droppers to leak. We didn't experience that problem, but something to be aware of. At the end of the day, though, if you're careful using a dropper, we don't expect you'll have any problem using this product. As such, we're putting it on par with other product scores that use a dropper for delivery.

Potency (9.0 out of 10)

This is a fantastic potency level, in our opinion. Like the 1000mg CBD Oil from CBDistillery, there is a good balance between strength and volume here. You get a solid amount of CBD in one full dropper and can always estimate a partial dose with your eye. More importantly, though, if you need a higher serving of CBD, you don't have to consume multiple droppers as you would with many 250 or 500mg products. As usual, start with a partial dropper and move up until you reach the desired effect. From there, you can zone in on the concentration level that best suits your needs, or cater your number of drops per day more effectively. But, in our opinion, this is right in the sweet spot in terms of potency.

Effect (9.0 out of 10)

This became a go-to product for our reviewer for a number of weeks, even with other oils in the cabinet. We found that a dialed-in amount of CW's Original Formula eased us into a relaxed state. It didn't put us on the couch, but the effect has a more noticeable body relaxation than most oils. This is one of those products that easily became a favorite of our reviewing team and is something we would purchase for our own daily use.

Price (8.5 out of 10)

Charlotte's Web is not the most premium pricing out there, nor the cheapest. But, we feel you're paying for quality from a known source here. Charlotte's Web is one of a handful of companies that is US Hemp Authority certified. The Charlotte's Web Original Formula clocks in at a slightly-above-average price relative to other brands at the same potency. But, the effect is better than most, too. Given the multiple bottle sizes and flavor options, new CBD consumers will find comfort in the combination of product quality and price here.

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