In this first of a series, we are kicking off our efforts to let people know about the CBD companies that are out there, and particularly those whose products we review. We think that’s important especially now that so many vendors of widely varying quality are entering the CBD market.

Our first profile choice is Honey Colony. We have not yet reviewed any Honey Colony CBD products, but they are in our pipeline for a review in the near future. We find the Honey Colony brand and mission to be compelling in its goal of being an all-around health advocate. As the name suggests, there is a strong representation of bee-related products to be found at Honey Colony, but the offerings go far beyond that category.

Honey Colony’s CBD oil offering is packaged under the name Superior Hemp Cannabidiol (CBD). In addition to the CBD content, the base is a liposomal hemp oil extract, and the formulation includes ingredients aimed at helping the body achieve a healthy balance. These ingredients include propolis and several traditional Chinese roots and compounds used in promoting health. It’s an intriguing product that we look forward to reviewing.

Other products from Honey colony cover a wide range of health-promoting areas, including superfoods, probiotics, supplements, gut health, beauty products, and so on. There are coffees, massage oils, skin hydration products, and health related items we never would have thought of.

We like that Honey Colony is big on information and learning. The blog is deep and well-curated, the educational offerings plentiful and well written. They even branch out into writings about the environment, recipes, parenting, and other topics that contribute to one’s all-around health.

The guiding light at Honey Colony is Maryam Henein. An investigative journalist and entrepreneur, she dove into health and nutrition issues after a near-death experience. She applied her skills to develop Honey Colony, and has gathered a stellar team of medical doctors and health experts to help guide and contribute to the “hive”.

In summary, you would have to look far and wide to find a company offering a wider range of products and a better collection of informative writings than you will find at Honey Colony. There are several products there that we are anxious to try. We urge you to check out Honey Colony, and we promise to bring a review of their CBD offering to CBDtop10 in the near future.

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