Infused Edibles CBD Edibles Review

Infused Edibles Peach Gummies 500mg CBD Edibles

Overall: 8.1

Taste: 10

Delivery: 9.0

Potency: 7.5

Effect: 7.0

Price: 7.0

Initial Thoughts

Our team has come across the Infused Edibles brand a number of times in various head shops, but opted to purchase from online retailers where we could read lab reports and be assured of product freshness. From a completely subjective viewpoint, Infused Edibles seems to have focused on gaining brick and mortar market share early rather than focus on competing with the untold number of brands selling online. That said, we were pleasantly surprised by the quality of product after being reassured by a local CBD purveyor of the brand. In this review, we give you all the details on Infused Edibles 500mg pack of CBD Peach Gummies.

Taste (10 out of 10)

Wow! If you put these gummies in packaging from any major candy producer and put them on a grocery shelf, we don’t think consumers would be able to tell the difference between a non-CBD peach gummy and these heavily-infused CBD gummies. The taste, texture and aftertaste match the real deal without the slightest hint of hemp. Quite frankly, they’re delicious, just as we found with other Infused Edibles products like their Gummy Worms. Based on the number of gummies we’ve tried, that is no small feat. You’ll be happy to have these little treats almost any time of day.

Delivery (9.0 out of 10)

It’s no secret that we love right-sized CBD edibles. No messy droppers and rarely a question around serving size. The Infused Edibles Peach product is no exception. The per-gummy potency is listed on the front of the packaging so you know exactly how many milligrams of CBD you’re ingesting in a sitting. At 25mg per gummy, they pack a decent amount of cannabidiol into a small form factor. You get 20 in one bag unlike a number of brands offering 4 to 10 in a package. Given the taste, it doesn’t take much effort to take down a couple of these on-the-go and be on with the rest of your day.

Potency (7.5 out of 10)

At 25mg per gummy, Infused has packed a good amount of CBD into each gummy – especially for the size of the gummy. While it’s not the highest potency gummies you can buy (which can go as high as 50-100mg per gummy), they’re also a little smaller than some of the highest potency gummies. We feel that this is a great potency level for the average consumer. If you’re not in need of a knockout punch, these gummies are going to be a nice addition to your day without needing to also block out time for a nap.

Effect (7.0 out of 10)

We varied our dosage over the course of testing this product. At 50mg (two gummies), we didn’t feel a whole lot, honestly. Yes, in social situations, you’ll notice being more relaxed. However, there isn’t a noticeable change in the body that you get with other products. At 75mg, the relaxation effect was more prominent, but still not overpowering. Since Infused Edibles boasts 0% THC, it means that the gummies are being created from CBD isolate. This allows them to nail the taste and pack 25mg into each small gummy. However, with isolate you will forgo the full spectrum hemp terpenes that tend to play into the entourage effect. The terpenes present in full spectrum hemp are widely believed to augment CBD and THC to be more sedative (myrcene and linalool) or more focused (limonene and a-pinene). So, it really depends on what you’re looking for with your product purchase. This product is an everyday edible to normalize your endocannabinoid system without putting you on the couch.

Price (7.0 out of 10)

We purchased our pack of Infused Edibles Peach Gummies from a CBD store for $25. That means, with this product, you’re getting CBD at $.05 per milligram - which is on the low end of the price spectrum. For a quality brand and quality product, you can’t go wrong at that price. Infused edibles has produced a great tasting product, with a decent punch of CBD, at an excellent price-per-milligram. We recommend giving this product a shot!

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