CBDPure Review

We’ve reviewed CBDPure’s 600mg CBD oil. Stay tuned for more reviews of CBDPure CBD products.

CBDPure 600mg CBD Oil

CBDPure oil 600mg CBD













Initial Thoughts

We selected CBDPure as one of the CBD industry leaders that we needed to review. Well known and respected, CBDPure limits its product line to a selection of oils and one softgel. Their confidence in their products is made clear by the 90-day money-back guarantee they offer. This is by far the best guarantee we have seen to date. The CBDPure oils come in basic, clinical looking bottles, which suits the no-nonsense feel of this company.

Taste (7.0 out of 10)

The taste of the CBDPure oil was unremarkable (which is not a bad thing with CBD oils!) The taste is mild, with the expected grass-like taste that most CBD oils have. CBD users quickly get used to the hemp taste unless they go for a flavored product. (And we have found that added flavors are not always a good thing!).

Delivery (7.5 out of 10)

The CBDPure bottle has a standard straight dropper, and readers of our reviews know we are not big fans of the method. However, it is not too bad if you are careful to contain drips, and it is widely used throughout the industry. The CBDPure dropper can hold approximately 2 ml of oil. A simple calculation dividing 600 mg by 60 ml results in 10 ml per ml, or 20 mg per full dropper. CBDPure suggests ½ dropper (10 ml) for dosage, although we use a heavier dose in our reviews.

Potency (7.5 out of 10)

A 600 mg oil is a mid to lower range strength CBD oil. It is the highest concentration offered by CBDPure, so users who want a bit more cannabidiol will want to take a larger dose as we did. However, it is stronger than some other oils that we have selected to review so far, and therefore was a fairly potent choice for our review. We based our review, as we have most others, on a 50 mg dose, and found the potency to be good for our stress-reducing goal.

Effect (8.5 out of 10)

CBDPure makes only full-spectrum products, and we find that this is an excellent approach for the effect that we were looking for and achieved with this oil. The presence of the lesser-known cannabidiols adds to the range of ways in which the oil can assist your body and mind in achieving equilibrium. Our days passed with calmness and focus, and sleep was deep and untroubled.

Price (7.0 out of 10)

This 60 ml bottle contains 600 mg of CBD and lists for $79.99. A quick calculation results in a cost of $.133 per milligram. This is in the middle of the price range we have seen for CBD products, and makes this CBDPure offering a good value in light of the good results we observed and the 90 day money-back guarantee.