Slumber CBN Review

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Initial Thoughts

Slumber CBN is a bit off the normal track for the market we follow. Instead of focusing on CBD, Slumber features CBN for its products. Both are cannabinoids from the hemp plant, and both have similar characteristics. However, CBN has become known specifically for its sleep-enhancement properties.

Sleep enhancement seems to be a primary reason why many people are using CBD-related products today, so we wanted to see how a CBN-focused product might help these people. We decided to start with this Slumber CBN Gummies review, and you can get our thoughts below:

Taste (9.2 out of 10)

Slumber CBN offers gummies in raspberry and vanilla-blueberry flavors. We started with the vanilla-blueberry flavor, and it was a good starting point. The taste is tart and sweet at the same time, and it hits the taste buds with a burst of flavor.

There is none of the usual grassy taste of hemp in these gummies. If you didn’t know that they are CBN gummies meant to help you sleep, you might think you just got a very tasty candy. The flavor is that good! We compared the taste favorably to one of our favorites – the 25 mg gummies from R+R Medicinals.

Delivery (8.8 out of 10)

So what do you look for in gummies beyond the taste? Well, you likely chose gummies over oils because you prefer chewing a candy-like treat over holding a grassy tasting oil in your mouth.

Here again, Slumber CBN has done a nice job. These gummies are soft and chewy, offering a pleasant experience. The texture might be better described as a jelly rather than a gummy, but that’s being pretty picky. The bottom line is that these are a pleasing treat that you will look forward to.

Potency (8.0 out of 10)

The 30 gummy bottle totals 450 milligrams of CBN, which works out to 15 mg of CBN per gummy. This is a fairly common cannabinoid level in CBD gummies that we have tried, although some are much stronger.

Then again, these are not CBD gummies, they are CBN gummies. After some usage by our reviewers, we agreed that a stronger dose was not really necessary. We slept well and were pleased with the gummies as they are.

Of course, if you’re keyed up and worried that you’ll have trouble sleeping, take two of these Slumber CBN gummies. The resulting 30 mg of CBN should provide a good dose for a sound sleep.

Effect (9.2 out of 10)

We didn’t know what to expect from a CBN-focused sleep enhancement product. I took the lead on assessing this product (this is Ron speaking), since I’m older than most of the team and I do have some sleep-related issues.

I can’t say that the first night of using the Slumber CBN gummies put me into blissful REM sleep. However, after a few days of regular use, I began to notice that I was able to fall asleep and stay asleep, without so much of the tossing and turning I have become used to. I’ve become a CBN believer. The other team members agreed that there is something to be said for the CBN effect, and we feel that people with sleep issues will be fond of these CBN gummies.

Price (8.8 out of 10)

It was difficult for us to agree on the score for the price of these gummies. At $59.95 for a bottle with 450 mg of CBN, the price per milligram is 13.3 cents. This is a fairly high price in the CBD marketplace, and would usually prompt us to assign a lower score.

However, this is not a CBD product as such. It is a highly CBN-focused product, and CBN is far more expensive to extract and process than CBD. Knowing this, the CBN consumer should expect a higher price. The bottom line then, is whether or not the results justify paying a bit more than you would pay for a CBD product. We don’t know how well it will work for everyone, of course, but we are convinced that the sound sleep we experienced is worth a few more cents.

Actually, when we looked at the process of extracting CBN and producing the final product, we were surprised that Slumber CBN was able to hold this price point. Because of this we not only did not drop the score, we raised it a bit from our first reaction. You can bring the cost down in a couple of ways:

  • Subscribe and pay $47.96 per bottle instead of $59.95
  • Always use our exclusive code CBDTOP10 to save 15% at checkout

About Slumber CBN

About Slumber CBN

It’s interesting to us to see how the CBD industry has been sorting out specialized products, and even overlapping with non-hemp derived products that claim some of the same benefits as cannabinoids (As an example, see our recent review of a functional mushroom product from Green Roads).

We were intrigued, then by the CBN product focus from Slumber CBN. As mentioned above, we have observed significant growth in products aimed at helping people sleep. It made sense to us that a company would focus on this area with the goal of providing the optimum solution.

The Slumber CBN website has helpful information about CBN for those who are curious about it or are specifically looking for an effective sleep aid. The Cliff’s Notes version is this: CBN is a non-psychoactive compound extracted from the hemp plant. It overlaps some benefits of CBD, but seems especially good at sleep enhancement. Read a more complete description on this page of the Slumber CBN site.

Regular readers know that we have three fundamental requirements before we will review a CBD , CBN, or other hemp-based product:

  1. Hemp sourced in North America or Western Europe
  2. Safe, non-toxic extraction method
  3. Independent 3rd party testing

Slumber CBN clearly meets these criteria and maintains a high standard of quality in the production of its CBN products. As with a number of recently-reviewed brands, the lab test results are readily available on the Slumber site or by use of a QR code on the packaging.

Product Line

Slumber CBN offers a range of sleep enhancing products. Anyone seeking better sleep is sure to find something to their liking from this lineup:

  • CBN Gummies
  • CBN Oils and Tinctures
  • Softgels
  • Capsules
  • Topicals
  • Delta 8
  • Pet oils


When looking for the right product for you, be aware that there are variations to suit a range of desired formulations. Some oils and gummies are broad spectrum (THC free) and others that are full spectrum (containing less than .3% THC). 

There are products that contain melatonin, and some that contain Delta 8 THC. There are six day sample packs and 3 day “sleep kits”. It seems to us that you have ample choice for a sleep aid that will suit your tastes and needs.

Be sure to look through the Slumber CBN blog. You’ll find a variety of articles that explore the topic of improving sleep in numerous ways in addition to CBN or CBD products. 

The final word? We were quite impressed by our experience in doing this Slumber CBN Gummies review, and we are confident that people who discover this sleep aid line will find it helpful. Watch for more reviews of Slumber CBN products from our team.