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R+R Medicinals Hemp Extract Gummies 25mg

R+R Medicinals Hemp Gummies 25mg

By Ron Roberts, Managing Partner, CBDtop10 LLC           August 27, 2021













Initial Thoughts

We like to talk to the people who make the CBD and cannabinoid products we review. We recently had the opportunity to do that with the R+R Medicinals team, and we came away impressed with the philosophy and commitment behind the products that R+R makes. Veterans run this company, and I don’t think anyone needs to be reminded that those who serve know a thing or two about stress and pain. After our conversation, we were anxious to undertake this R+R Medicinals Gummies Review.

Taste: (10.0 out of 10)

Rather than find some generic jelly to infuse with CBD, R+R went straight to a candy maker for these gummies, and the results are fantastic. You would be hard-pressed to tell the difference between these gummies and a premium non-CBD-infused candy. There is no hint of the hemp taste that one usually finds in CBD edibles. The taste is perfect. The texture is perfect. The result? These gummies earned a rare 10 out of 10 score from our reviewers.

Delivery: (9.5 out of 10)

Edibles are a great option for those who aren’t wild about taking an oil for their daily CBD serving. The delivery couldn’t be much easier or more enjoyable. Just open the jar, pop in a gummy, and enjoy the pleasure of a sweet treat that delivers your CBD in a fun way.

You don’t want the sugar that comes with a gummy? We get it, but for us the pleasure of chewing these sweet gummies was a real treat. If you don’t mind starting off your day with something sweet, then this is a perfect on-the-go product for a pleasant delivery of your CBD. The only danger was that we wanted to keep eating more than one.

Potency: (9.0 out of 10)

The R+R Medicinals gummies keep racking up the high scores from our team. These gummies weigh in at 25 milligrams of CBD each. We’re used to seeing gummies offered with half as much CBD or less. Many CBD-infused gummies are offered at 10 or 15 mg of CBD.

The R+R gummies come in the form of large gummy rings, so it is easy to adjust your dosage. If you don’t need the full 25 mg, just bite it in half and save the rest for your next dose. Your bottle will last longer. You like more that 25 mg? Take two gummies and enjoy twice as much of a sweet treat along with twice as much CBD.

Effect: (8.5 out of 10)

We try a lot of CBD products, and sometimes it’s hard to find a distinguishing characteristic for our reviews. We require certain basic quality steps before we will even look at a product, so in most cases we’re going to find that we are trying a quality product that gives us the desired CBD effect (calm, focused, physically comfortable).

Such is the case with the R+R Medicinals gummies. They worked well, with all team members offering positive reviews of the effect they experienced. These gummies were not only tasty, they gave us that CBD equilibrium that we like to tell our readers about.

Price: (9.0 out of 10)

Here at CBDtop10.com, we’ve reviewed many products that give you a decent bang for your buck, and some that we felt were a bit too pricy. Once again, we’re giving high marks to R+R Medicinals for offering an excellent product at an excellent price point.

cbd stocks money growing imageryIn our experience, gummies are typically more expensive than tinctures or capsules, and that’s understandable. There is a bit more to making a CBD-carrying candy than there is to an oil.

We’re used to seeing gummies priced in a range from 10 to 13 cents per milligram of CBD. R+R has priced these gummies at $46.99 for a bottle containing 750 mg of CBD, which works out to 6.3 cents per milligram. This is well below the expected range! Given the high praise and high scores throughout our review, this is a product that stands out in our minds and one that we can highly recommend. It is a great product at a great price.

Do you want to get even lower than this bargain price? Subscribe to the R+R auto-ship program and save 15%. There is also a loyalty program and a refer-a-friend option for savings. Veterans, don’t forget the 25% discount for you.

Company Information

About R+R Medicinals

R+R Medicinals, as mentioned, draws on the experience of veterans. The commitment of this team is expressed in the motto “The CBD that works”. The expressed commitment is to offer quality products produced from organic Colorado hemp. This commitment is backed by a 30 day full refund guarantee.

We liked the extensive laboratory testing results that R+R makes easily available to consumers. Repeat readers of our reviews know that this is one of our core requirements for any CBD products that we review. R+R easily meets our other fundamental requirements; safe hemp grown free of toxins and pesticides, and a clean supercritical CO2 extraction process.

Product Line

R+R Medicinals offers a range of products, including:

  • Gummies
  • Tinctures
  • Softgels
  • Pet products
  • THC-free products (tinctures, gummies, softgels)

There are features of these products that deserve mention:

The R+R website details how its creams have been updated in partnership with a doctor and chemist team to improve performance. The creams are now fully vegan, and are claimed to rub in easier for better absorption. Ingredients such as Arnica Montana, MSM, Calendula Flower, and Jojoba are added to the hemp extract for their beneficial effects.

The R+R tinctures can be purchased unflavored or in fresh mint flavor. The full spectrum or broad spectrum choices are carried in an MCT oil, with a good-looking range of terpenes.

The softgels contain nano-emulsified hemp extract. R+R, like several other brands that we review, likes to tout this feature for its increased bioavailability. While softgels are typically absorbed into the body more slowly, nano-emulsified gels can presumably speed the process up.

In our conversation with Dave at R+R, he made it clear he was proud of the gummies. We decided to find out why, so we started our R+R reviews with this R+R Medicinals Gummies Review. And, Wow! Dave was not exaggerating – read more in the “Taste” section below. These gummies are right at the top with the best tasting gummies we’ve tried, such as the Hemp Bombs gummies or the Green Roads’ Froggies.

We don’t review pet products at CBDtop10.com, but we give CBD to our pets. One of our reviewers has been giving the R+R dog chews to his trusty pet and is pleased with the results. These chews are chicken flavored and contain five mg of CBD per chew. They are made with flaxseed, chicken liver, sweet potato, and grapeseed oil.

R+R also offers a full spectrum pet tincture.



R+R Medicinals is proud of their Colorado outdoor-grown hemp, and the fact that the products made from it are USDA certified organic. Furthermore, R+R has earned US Hemp Authority certification for its tinctures, with expectations to earn the certification on all its products. This is a badge of honor that indicates quality throughout all stages of production.



Additional Information

As mentioned above, R+R is proud of its veteran pedigree. To put some muscle behind that pride, there is a 25% discount for those who have served in the military. For the rest of us, there are several programs to save money; referrals, loyalty discounts, etc.

The site is not as full of information as some brands, but the FAQ section provides helpful information.

Now that we know the basics of this brand, let’s move on to our R+R Medicinals Gummies Review:

About our CBDtop10 Reviewers

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