Seabedee CBD Oil Review

Seabedee Anxiety Blend 500mg CBD Oil

Overall: 7.7

Taste: 8.0

Delivery: 8.2

Potency: 7.5

Effect: 7.5

Price: 7.2

Initial Thoughts

We are continually impressed by the number of CBD companies we encounter with a sincere desire to help others. Seabedee is one of those companies. They stress transparency so that customers can be confident of their product quality. They honor veterans with a lifetime discount, and they donate 3% to cancer research. They have built a line of custom formulations to address specific areas of mental and physical well-being. In an industry still finding itself and sorting out the good from the bad, it’s nice to find sincerity and commitment. We were excited to give Seabedee's Anxiety Oil a try.

Taste (8.0 out of 10)

The Seabedee Anxiety Blend that we sampled was unflavored and mild, without much of the grassy taste often found in a full-spectrum oil. We noted a lingering, slightly peppery taste, but it was not unpleasant at all. The proprietary blend of terpenes in this full-spectrum oil is designed to calm the nerves, and the result is a pleasant blend overall in the taste category.

Delivery (8.2 out of 10)

Seabedee uses a standard dropper for their delivery method. Our repeat readers know that we are not wild about droppers, but we recognize that it is pretty standard, and our score here reflects that. We gave it a little extra because the dropper is conveniently imprinted with volume markings, and a visual guide appears on the box, showing what dosage will be delivered at various markings.

Potency (7.5 out of 10)

The Seabedee Anxiety Blend is a 500 mg formulation, which is a common, mid-level concentration among popular CBD products. A full dropper will deliver 17 mg of CBD, designed to calm the nerves and eliminate stress. This is not a powerful dosage, but then again, it doesn’t intend to be. We'll be reviewing some more of the Seabedee line and they do have more potent oils available. This oil is meant to help de-stress, not to reduce pain or address a serious illness. (See our How to Use CBD infographic for guidance on a suitable dosage for you).

Effect (7.5 out of 10)

Seabedee aims to help you relax with this blend, and we felt they delivered on that promise. As this is not the most potent oil, it won't melt you into the couch. But, we experienced a calming effect as-advertised. This formulation has the full spectrum of cannabinoids along with a blend of terpenes, including Linalool and Limonene, tailored to calm you in times of stress.

Price (7.2 out of 10)

The Seabedee Anxiety Blend clocked in at $11.6 per milligram of CBD, which puts it in the upper part of what we see as midrange pricing for CBD oils. Although slightly more expensive than we would have anticipated in today's market, users may see it as a good value if it delivers on the promise of stress reduction, as it did for our team.

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