Receptra Naturals CBD Oil Review

Receptra Naturals 250 mg Active Lifestyle CBD Oil

Overall: 6.9

Taste: 8.5

Delivery: 8.0

Potency: 5.0

Effect: 6.0

Price: 7.0

Update! Our review is behind the times! Receptra has a new, updated product line and brand image. We will post one or more reviews of their new products soon. Meanwhile, the "buy" links here are changed to take you to a similar product on the Receptra site. Stay tuned for new reviews.

Initial Thoughts

Receptra Naturals is a Colorado-based company, putting it squarely in the center of the action when it comes to the burgeoning marijuana and CBD industries. The website has less bells and whistles than most, opting for a focus on the quality of ingredients and processes it employs to create their wide array of CBD Oils. We chose the Receptra 250 mg Active Lifestyle oil to test, but Receptra does have a range of potencies and types of CBD for our readers to test. We look forward to testing the full range of Receptra products.

Taste (8.5 out of 10)

Receptra’s Active CBD oil is super smooth. This is one of those oils that is more similar to a tincture than a true oil – which is a good thing. You will get a hint of hemp with this product. It is slightly herbal in the way that a candle is herbal. But, Receptra has concocted a tasty, light berry flavor to compensate. There is an aftertaste, but it is pleasant and it doesn’t linger for long. We were impressed with the taste of this CBD oil.

Delivery (8.0 out of 10)

We took a basic deduction here for using a standard dropper bottle. As we have said many times, these are messy. But, since the Receptra product is bordering on a tincture, you won’t create too much of a mess. The oil is light, with only a slight hint of green, which will make any cleanup easy. If you don’t mind the standard dropper, you won’t find any problem working this into your routine.

Potency (5.0 out of 10)

We are acknowledging here that we did not buy their higher potency blends of CBD oils and, thus, it is not a bad thing (or unexpected) that this is a CBD potency for beginners. With about 750mg per 30ml, there is 15mg of CBD in each dropper. If you’re looking for a calming effect without having your mind blown, you will find use in the product. However, for those of you that want to drop 50-60 mg at a time, you’ll have to take 4 droppers full to achieve it.

Effect (6.0 out of 10)

The effect here is on par with what you’d expect from a beginner CBD oil. If you amp up the dosage, you can get to the desired effect. Most importantly, using our control dosage, we did achieve the desired effect. It took more oil than we prefer to ingest to get there. But, again, that is not unexpected with this product. We were happy with the oil from Receptra and look forward to trying their more concentrated products in the future.

Price (7.0 out of 10)

Receptra Active CBD Oil is right in the range of where we expect cost-effective CBD oils to land. For the taste, you are getting your money worth with this product. We purchased our bottle of Receptra for $25 and it contained 250 mg of CBD – making the price-per-milligram just under $.10. This is great and tasty product for the beginner at the right price.

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