HealthSmart CBD Oil Review

1500mg Peppermint CBD Oil from HealthSmart

Overall: 8.5

Taste: 9.0

Delivery: 8.0

Potency: 8.4

Effect: 8.5

Price: 8.5

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Initial Thoughts

As we've mentioned previously, part of our goal at CBDtop10 is to sort through the crowded CBD market and identify brands that stand out from the pack. HealthSmart is one of the companies we believe fits the mold. Normally, companies are either producing CBD products from full spectrum hemp with THC or they are removing the terpenes and flavinoids, along with the THC, to create THC-free oil from isolate. HealthSmart is unique in that, with their process, they claim to remove the THC while maintaining the beneficial components of a broad spectrum oil, namely, the terpenes that are believed to play a part in the entourage effect. We were more than curious to test their 1500mg Peppermint oil after having recently reviewed their edibles.

Taste (9.0 out of 10)

Hands down, a great tasting oil here. As the name suggests, the taste starts with a hint of peppermint. In HealthSmart's case, the peppermint is not overwhelming in ways that we have seen with other products. This peppermint oil is light and refreshing without being overbearing. Just the slightest, but pleasant, peppermint aftertaste. If you're a fan of peppermint, you'll find this oil to be incredibly easy on the tastebuds.

Delivery (8.0 out of 10)

Smooth, smooth, smooth. What more is there to say? Complimenting the taste, the HealthSmart Peppermint CBD oil is clear and just the right consistency. We always knock down scores on products that use a dropper, so no surprise here. We also found that the dropper we had never was quite able to pull a full 1ml of oil. But, these are small considerations. If you're an avid oil user, you won't have any problems on the delivery.

Potency (8.4 out of 10)

At 1500mg, this HealthSmart CBD oil is coming in at the middle-high range of potency. Two years ago, this would have been at the top end of the potency range. However, as more producers have come on the scene, we have observed an uptick in the potency levels across the board. It is now common to see an emphasis on products ranging from 1000-5000mg, versus 250-1000 just a few years ago. In any case, this is a nice potency for users that want to dial in a higher dose without having to drink half of the bottle.

Effect (8.5 out of 10)

Loved it. Exactly what we look for in an oil. The cooling peppermint taste mirrored itself in effect. We found that, at our standard dose, we have a general cooling effect felt throughout our body and muscles. We did not feel sleepy after consuming the oil, which can happen with more potent oils. Rather, a calm set in that also spurred our reviewer into a bout of musical creativity. We can see this oil becoming a strong contender for our everyday oil use.

Price (8.5 out of 10)

This is not the cheapest oil on the block, but it's closer to the inexpensive end of the range than not. Receiving 1500mg of CBD oil at $129.95 (price of the bottle at time of review), you're getting CBD at 8.6 cents per milligram. That's pretty good! We've seen prices as low as five cents per milligram, while others push into the high teens. As such, this oil is pretty perfectly priced for the quality of the product. Again, we think that anyone trying this oil is going to find a strong contender for their daily, go-to oil.

Get 15% off with code: CBDtop10

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