Frontier Jackson CBD Edible Review

12mg Full Spectrum CBD Gummy Drops

Overall: 7.4

Taste: 8.0

Delivery: 10.0

Potency: 6.5

Effect: 7.0

Price: 5.5

Initial Thoughts

As a relative newcomer in the CBD scene, Frontier Jackson impressed us with their approach to the end-to-end experience of starting a CBD regimen. The Frontier Jackson website is chock full of informational articles, educating visitors on the various aspects of CBD and the decision making process around CBD applications. The packaging and branding is top notch, designed to ensure your CBD experience is pleasant from the moment you receive your package. Additionally, Frontier offers a simple and easy way to get started with their inexpensive starter pack, which is great for beginners. We’ve tried a handful of products from Frontier Jackson, but are talking today about their CBD edibles – the 12mg CBD Gummy Drops.

Taste (8.0 out of 10)

Frontier did a nice job on the taste of their CBD Gummy Drops. You will find that these edibles are fruit-forward in taste, with just a subtle hint grass from the hemp. While almost passable for a grocery store gummy, the subtle acidity and taste of hemp doesn’t quite get them to the level of Infused Edibles. That said, Infused Edibles are made from distillate, whereas Frontier’s products are made from full-spectrum hemp. The aftertaste is predominantly fruit and we feel that, for many, the full spectrum nature of the Gummy Drops will outweigh the slight knocks on taste.

Delivery (10.0 out of 10)

What’s not to like about a Gummy Drop? The package is to take with you on-the-go and easy to dose. Whether you pop multiple drops, or bite one in half for a partial dose, we can’t think of many easier ways to get your daily amount of CBD. Unlike oils or vapes, there is no mess with the Frontier Jackson Gummy Drops and it is easy to be inconspicuous to consume at work or in a social setting.

Potency (6.5 out of 10)

At 12mg per gummy, one gummy is going to be pretty subtle in terms of potency for most people. With five gummies in the package we purchased, that means that we could dose anywhere from 12-60mg at a sitting. That should satisfy most purchasers, though could become an expensive habit if you’re on the higher end of the spectrum. Compared to the Green Roads Froggies clocking in at 50mg per gummy frog, these are a mild potency. But, for those of you looking for a more subtle effect, 12mg per gummy is going to be just about right.

Effect (7.0 out of 10)

At CBDtop10, we take a standard dose of CBD across the products we test. We did the same with this CBD edible from Frontier. We noticed, at our standard dose, that the effect of the Gummy Drops was not quite an impactful on our stress levels as taking the same dose of their CBD oil. Much more convenient to consume, but not as strong in our opinion. The effect was noticeable, but subtle.

Price (5.5 out of 10)

A bottle of Frontier Jackson CBD Gummy Drops will run you $70 online. At 360mg per bottle (12mg per Gummy, 30 Gummies per bottle), that means that you're paying $.19 per mg. This is on the higher end of the spectrum when we look across our reviews. We don't doubt that the Frontier Jackson quality is worth the price if you like the flavor and effect, but you're paying a premium for the experience.

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