Elixinol CBD Oil Review

Elixinol Hemp Oil + Coconut Extract 300 mg

Overall: 7.3

Taste: 8.0

Delivery: 7.5

Potency: 6.0

Effect: 7.0

Price: 8.0

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Initial Thoughts

Elixinol presents a good customer experience, with a nicely organized website filled with helpful information, an interesting blog, and a statement of the company’s ideals. As with most brands, they offer a variety of products in varying strengths, application methods, and intended purposes. CBDtop10 reviewed the 300 mg oil to begin with, but will definitely try other Elixinol products and post our reviews here. Our impression of the oil was positive, and we recommend it as a good all-around product to try.

Taste (8.0 out of 10)

We selected the natural flavored oil, although cinnamint and grape flavors are also offered. We found the taste to be mild and pleasant, at least in the way that CBD oil can be considered pleasant. There is the usual vegetation taste of hemp, but it is not overpowering.

Delivery (7.5 out of 10)

Elixinol’s oil was comparatively thin and easy to drop under the tongue. We have bemoaned the use of droppers throughout our reviews, and we have the same gripe here. However, we will definitely try the new X-pen oral applicator shown on their website and see if it provides a better delivery system for future reviews. Elixinol also offers hemp oil liposomes, which we will be certain to try as well. For our initial review, the dropper was adequate and the oil itself smooth and easy to swallow.

Potency (6.0 out of 10)

At 300 mg, this is a mildly potent CBD product. Of course, there are other potencies offered, and we intend to review those as we continue our evaluations going forward. It doesn't pack the most powerful punch, but you can vary the amount you take to achieve your goal. We sampled more than the recommended serving on the bottle in order to attempt equivalence with our reviews of other products.

Effect (7.0 out of 10)

Since the potency is on the lower end, it's not unexpected that the suggested serving size delivers a limited effect. (unless you do a multiple of the suggested serving, as we did). At our higher dosage we found this oil to be calming and helpful. We navigated our stressful day on an even keel and felt the oil was having a beneficial effect. Perhaps you would need to increase your dosage after a longer period of use, but this is a good product to begin your CBD protocol with.

Price (8.0 out of 10)

All CBD is expensive - there's no getting around it unless some laws change. Elixinol’s price is toward the lower end of the usual range, so we consider it a good value for a good product. Given the potency, taste, and helpful information noted above, this is a well-priced oil.

Get 10% off with code: SAVE10

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