CBD Unlimited CBD Oil Review

CBD Unlimited Coconut-Citrus Hybrid CBD Oil 250mg

Overall: 6.9

Taste: 5.5

Delivery: 7.0

Potency: 7.0

Effect: 8.0

Price: 7.0

Initial Thoughts

CBD Unlimited is serious about their CBD products and the medical benefits that are bringing CBD to greater awareness in the public eye. Their website posts all the certificates of analysis for their product and contains a thorough, well-written article on the science of CBD. This Colorado company offers a range of products, including soft CBD chews for dogs. We went with the Coconut-Citrus Hybrid CBD oil and came away pleased, but with a caveat on the taste. In a nice touch, their product was slow in arriving, so they threw in a free sample of their CBD balm for us to try.

Taste (5.5 out of 10)

Frankly, we didn’t care for the taste of the Coconut-Citrus Hybrid CBD oil. The citrus overwhelmed the coconut, and not in a good way. We were left with a bitter taste in our mouth. Also, the aftertaste stuck around for much longer than other CBD oils. We won’t dwell on that point, because we like the product so much regardless of the taste. We will try their other flavors to give them another chance.

Delivery (7.0 out of 10)

Rather than the usual dropper that comes out of the bottle, CBD Unlimited bottles have the dropper built in. We have mixed feelings about that. It reduces the likelihood of dripping and messy delivery inherent in the removable droppers, but it makes it more difficult for the user to determine CBD dosage. You can’t see the product, so you are guessing at the dosage.

Potency (7.0 out of 10)

Like other 250 mg CBD products, we consider this particular oil to be a beginner's level CBD oil. It doesn't pack the most powerful punch and is on the lower end of potency. On the other hand, you aren't paying 1500 mg prices either, which is nice. Start with a few drops and move up until you reach the desired effect. For what it is intended to do, this oil has the potency to deliver results and will be a good starter for new users. CBD Unlimited has higher concentration products that you can move up to as you become familiar with your desired CBD dosage.

Effect (8.0 out of 10)

CBD Unlimited makes a good product, no two ways about it. The effect of this oil was soon apparent, and we found it to be comparable to other high quality products in bringing the desired calmness and focus that we look for from CBD products.

Price (7.0 out of 10)

The price for this oil was in the middle of our expected range – no drawback to the product, but no advantage either. For the quality and effectiveness, it’s a reasonable price point.

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