CBD Drip CBD Oil Review

CBD Drip Ecodrops Boost Oil

Overall: 7.5

Taste: 7.0

Delivery: 7.2

Potency: 8.0

Effect: 8.0

Price: 7.6

Initial Thoughts

CBD Drip offers a series of CBD oils in their Ecodrops line, each with a blend designed to produce specific results. These offerings include Ecodrops Boost, Focus, Relief, and Dream. The names make it pretty clear what each is intended for, and it’s a nice way to focus on a product that is designed to give you the specific results that you are looking for. We chose to try the Ecodrops Boost for its emphasis on mood enhancement. (We plan to review the others in the near future). The website and the bottle label tell exactly which terpenes are blended with the CBD to achieve the desired effect, and the bottle also offers helpful dosage suggestions.

Taste (7.0 out of 10)

Our comments here echo what we have written on an earlier CBD Drip review; For a CBD oil, this is a decent tasting one. You will still get the typical grass-like taste of hemp, but it is the kind of hemp taste that you should expect from most CBD oils. We were left with an aftertaste that wasn’t terrible, but that lingered longer than one would hope.

Delivery (8.0 out of 10)

The Ecodrops Boost has an eye dropper for dispensing the oil, which is the most common method for oils. The fact that it is common doesn’t mean we like it, but we have learned to deal with pre-measuring our CBD dosage and avoiding messy drips. If that’s the worst gripe we have about a product, that’s not bad! The oil itself is relatively thin, so dispensing is no problem. We held it under the tongue and allowed the oil to do its work. There is a bit of an aftertaste, but again, that is common to most of the products we review.

Potency (8.0 out of 10)

Boost is a fairly high-potency product, and that potency is well directed at the mood-boosting goal of this oil. The 30 mL bottle has 1500 mG of CBD, delivering 50 milligrams per milliliter. Each of the Ecodrops products has a specific purpose, and this CBD Drip oil is geared towards that task rather than packing the most powerful punch possible. With that said, it is still a product that delivers a potency with noticeable results.

Effect (8.5 out of 10)

The full spectrum blend of the Ecodrops Boost with a mix of specific terpenes offers a targeted benefit, and from our experience it does a good job of hitting that target. One of our reviewers used Boost throughout a very busy week of tasks with deadlines. During that week, his performance was, in fact, boosted. Productivity was high, and there was an absence of stress from the rapid-fire tasks that were required of him. It seems that the CBD Drip Boost blend is well suited to achieving the desired effect.

Price (8.0 out of 10)

Ecodrops Boost is priced toward the lower middle of the normal range that we expect, coming in around $.10 per milligram. A bottle may seem pricey, but that price is buying 30 mL of CBD oil with 1500 mg of CBD. That’s a good value, and we would not hesitate to recommend that you put your money toward this well-performing product.

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