Care Division CBD Oil Review

Care Everyday 2000mg Tincture Unflavored

Overall: 8.6

Taste: 10.0

Delivery: 8.2

Potency: 8.8

Effect: 7.0

Price: 9.0

Initial Thoughts

CBD brands are making an extra effort to differentiate themselves and stand out in the fragmented CBD market. One brand, in particular - Care Division - is doing a good job of it. We spoke with the team at this family-run, female-owned business and learned about the journey that brought them to where they are today. Care Division's CBD, sourced from their own hemp farm in Colorado, is combined with other herbs and zootropics to make specific formulations with specific purposes. We tried their Everyday tincture formulation, after reviewing Care Division's Mend formula and were not disappointed.

Taste (10 out of 10)

Yep, we are going out on a limb here and giving Care Division a perfect score on taste. Why? While other CBD formulations try and mask the grassy, hemp taste of CBD, the results can be mixed. Anyone that has read our other reviews will note the various hits and misses on this front. This CBD oil, in particular, is literally tasteless. It doesn't matter if you like oranges, or mint, or pepper to enjoy this oil. By going the tasteless, this oil is as painless as taking down the lightest oil you've ever had. We note that this tincture had the ever-so-slight aftertaste of oil, but it was almost undetectable.

Delivery (8.2 out of 10)

Care Division uses a standard dropper for their tincture delivery method. Our repeat readers know that we are not wild about droppers, but we recognize that it is pretty standard, and our score here reflects that. We moved it a bit higher because the dropper is conveniently imprinted with volume markings. That way, you can dial in the perfect dose for your situation.

Potency (9.0 out of 10)

The Everyday tincture is a 2000 mg formulation, which is a very high concentration of CBD, falling just shy of the being the highest CBD formulas on the market. (some 5000mg formulations exist) A full dropper will deliver 66.6 mg of CBD, double the dosage of a dropper from Care Division's 1000mg Mend formula. At 3mg per drop, this CBD oil packs a potency punch. For those of you that have seen our How to Use CBD infographic, you'll quickly realize that 2000mg can stretch the bottle for a long, long time or to quickly dial in a larger dose without having to drink half the bottle. Other strengths are available (1000 mg, 1500 mg), so users can choose a more potent formulation if so desired.

Effect (7.0 out of 10)

Just as the name suggests, one of our reviewers started using this as his everyday, go-to oil. Tasteless and potent, it's an easy oil to default to when we're not actively reviewing other products. It only makes sense that the Care Division team named it as such. We knocked off a little bit on "effect" because this oil is created from CBD isolate, which allows for the amazing taste, but also means you're missing out on full spectrum hemp. It won't knock your socks off quite in the way that you might expect a 2000mg oil would. But again, we normalize our reviews by taking a standard dose. The Care Division Everyday 2000mg oil delivered stress-free comfort without being overpowering or putting us to sleep, but lacked a slight depth to the experience that terpenes from other oils might add.

Price (9.0 out of 10)

Wow, not only is the taste incredible and the potency dialed way up, but you just can't beat the price. The price for the Care Division Everyday tincture came in at just $.05/mg, which puts it at the very low end of our expected range. Incredible value. Incredible product.

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