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Bluebird Botanicals CBD Oil Review

Bluebird Botanicals CBD Oil Hemp Signature 6x

Overall: 8.2

Taste: 8.0

Delivery: 8.0

Potency: 10

Effect: 7.0

Price: 8.0

Initial Thoughts

Bluebird Botanicals clearly understands customers when it comes to trying and buying CBD. The company offers a sample pack of three different Bluebird oils (both in regular and concentrated) in one convenient product so that buyers can try a range of products without breaking the bank. On top of that, the company offers a range of CBD concentrations across their line of products. We loved the idea of being able to try multiple products at once and the ability to dial in the best strength of CBD for each individual. We start off our reviews with the Bluebird Hemp Signature 6x, which is one of Bluebird's concentrated CBD oils and did not disappoint.

Taste (8 out of 10)

We often dread the first few drops of a "classic" or "signature hemp" product, as they tend to be heavy on earthy flavors and light on anything to mask the taste. That said, we were pleasantly surprised with the Hemp Signature 6x. First and foremost, it's smooth. The oil is dark in color, but surprisingly easy going down. The taste is lemon-y and grassy to start - in a subtle way. The only downfall on taste is that the product has a slightly burnt aftertaste. This lingers for a minute or two but, overall, doesn't detract from the experience. This is easily a product I could take every morning and be happy to ingest.

Delivery (8 out of 10)

This product is thinner than other oils and most similar in consistency to Charlotte's Web. For those that dislike the thickness of an oil, this is a nice middle ground. Depending on the flavor profile, this level of thinness in an oil can be a bit odd to swallow when combined with the wrong flavor. But, Bluebird has done a great job combining the taste and consistency for a superior delivery experience. The only knock from a delivery standpoint is that it comes in a traditional dropper bottle. We knock every product with a standard dropper, so no surprise here. Bottom line - traditional dropper bottles are messy. It's easy to drop oil on the floor, or the bottle, and by the last drop, you're dealing with a greasy mess. This is the last thing we want in the morning, or when we're in a hurry. This won't be the first time, or last time, that you see this complaint.

Potency (10 out of 10)

At 1500mg per ounce, the Bluebird Hemp Signature packs a punch. That doesn't mean we necessarily has the most intense effect of any product we've reviewed, but wow. Bluebird has gone above and beyond to get their concentrated CBD oils to clock in at the upper echelon of potency. From a practical standpoint, that means the user is getting 25mg or more from 15 drops. If you're looking for a way to streamline your CBD routine and not spend much time counting drops, this is definitely a product worth considering.

Effect (7 out of 10)

While the potency clocks in at the higher range of products we review, the effect wasn't as intense as we expected. Generally speaking, we're looking for CBD that holds a consistent level of effect over the course of six to seven hours. The Hemp Signature product came on strong, but we didn't necessarily note its presence after a few hours. It could be the case that, because it came on strong, we didn't notice it as much in the waning hours. To it's credit, this product is perfect for when you need an effect quickly. We experienced a nice clearing of the head after about five minutes, which then could be felt shortly after in the torso. Overall, it was a nice level of relaxation - that hit quickly - but nothing crazy.

Price (8 out of 10)

All CBD is pricey, but we were impressed with Bluebird's line of concentrated products. They've packed a lot of CBD into a pretty reasonably priced bottle - all things considered. This product's effect doesn't seem to last as long as a high potency edible, but you can't knock it too hard for the price. Overall, on a cents-per-milligram basis, this is one of the better deals on the market.