Berkshire CBD Flower Review - Elektra

Berkshire CBD Elektra hemp flower, Sativa, 16.98% CBD, .14% delta 9 THC

Overall: 8.3

Five Senses: 8.0

Curb Appeal: 8.5

Potency: 7.5

Effect: 8.5

Price: 9.0

Initial Thoughts

Berkshire CBD's website oozes class in a world with some seedy - pun intended - companies. Thoughtful packaging, quality photography, useful product descriptions and intuitive ways to shop for flower are all reasons that Berkshire is worth a look. We previously reviewed their Remedy CBD Flower and were impressed with what we found. Given the wide range of flower that Berkshire has, though, we certainly couldn't stop there. While Remedy is a strain well known in the medical marijuana world, we switched gears and went towards a strain that is best known from the hemp world - Elektra. As a famous sativa-leaning hemp strain, we were excited to see what Berkshire had in store for us.

The Five Senses (8.0 out of 10)

When you tear open a pouch of Elektra, you'll be greeted with the scent of earth and a touch of sweetness. Berkshire labels the sweetness as Orange Blossom, and while our reviewers couldn't pinpoint it quite that specifically, did notice some subtle citrus hints. In terms of scent, this flower is not as loud as some, but certainly not subdued either - a really pleasant balance. When smoked, that scent doesn't fully translate and that was kind of surprising, but not in a bad way. We found that the Berkshire Elektra actually had a diesel quality to the smoke and was quite tasty. Now, that diesel quality wasn't as pronounced as Hemp Hop's Abacus Diesel, but it was noticeable for sure. As a result, we found Elektra's smoke to be not too harsh, bu just a touch harsher than Berkshire's Remedy flower. That touch of harshness could be relating to the cure more than the strain, in any case.

Curb Appeal (8.5 out of 10)

Our Elektra buds showed up looking quite similar to the pictures on Berkshire's website, which is a good thing. Inside our package, we found large, plump nuggets stuffed to the brim of our eighth pouch. The flower itself had a healthy amount of long, orange trichomes amidst a lime green flower backdrop. This flower (as you can see in our pictures) is definitely greener than many flowers that trend towards being almost brown. The cure was just about right, though not quite as sticky as the Remedy strain we received previously. As we mentioned in The Five Senses section, this flower was a touch dryer than we would have expected. All in all, that didn't hinder the experience. The Elektra flower still had a nice overall quality about it.

Potency (7.5 out of 10)

Coming in at 16.98% CBD content, this flower is right in the middle of the spectrum in terms of CBD potency. Those levels set the tone as a nice starting point for the THC and terpene content to jump in. On the THC front, the Berkshire Elektra came in at .14% delta-9 - an exact mirror of the Remedy THC content. This doesn't surprise us, as Berkshire isn't one of the companies looking to push the limits of the .3% legal limit. If you're looking for maximum THC content, companies such as Legals are probably more in line with your goals. When it comes to terpenes, Berkshire CBD does an incredible job of breaking down the contents of it's flower. Instead of us regurgitating the details, just take a look at this handy terpene bar chart that details the contents of Elektra:

Pushing .6% myrcene, we knew we were in for a relaxing evening.

Effect (8.5 out of 10)

First off, we need to mention that our reviewers produced some big clouds well into our session. Unlike many flowers that burn off quickly, Berkshire's Elektra has some staying power. The gassy - but mellow - smoke started mostly as a head effect. Our reviewers felt a little lighter and had a slight head rush. A chill started in our shoulders at first and, over time, creeped down towards the elbows. As with most sativas, this strain stayed mostly in the upper body and head. We noted that Berkshire Elektra doesn't have the same head seizing effect that we described with something like Fields of Hemp AC/DC, but did bring about some focus. The more that time wore on, the more we appreciated and felt the full effects of Elektra. One reviewer commented that he was in a Bob Marley mood - relaxed, content and focused. What more do you need?

Price (9.0 out of 10)

Berkshire CBD's pricing is fairly standardized across their flower, but we did notice some discounts at higher volumes on this Elektra flower relative to what we found previously with the Berkshire Remedy strain. To sum it up, you can get Elektra for $25 for an 1/8 oz, $40 for a 1/4 oz, $60 for 1/2 and $100 for an ounce. This puts this flower at the lower-middle or lower end of the spectrum. The quality of the flower relative to the price really stands out. At these prices, you're paying 6.7 cents per milligram of CBD when you buy an 1/8th - lower than Remedy, but still medium-high when it comes to prices-per-milligram in flower. Don't worry, there's great news ahead. If you buy an ounce, you cut that by 2/3 to 2.1 cents per milligram. Two thirds! That's an incredible deal for the quality. If you like the effects we described above, you can't go wrong with Berkshire Elektra.

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