Mr. Hemp Flower CBD Review

We’ve reviewed Mr. Hemp Flower’s CBD. Stay tuned for more reviews of Mr. Hemp Flower CBD products.

Mr. Hemp Flower Wu-5 CBD Flower, 18.3% CBD, .80% total THC

Mr Hemp Flower Wu 5 CBD Flower



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Initial Thoughts

Mr. Hemp Flower gets mentioned in the hemp community from time to time, but is not yet one of the big names in the space. Despite this, they have a very clean, organized, and professional website, to display their range of CBD products and flower strains in an attractive and easy to navigate manner. Aside from flower, they offer topicals, tinctures, edibles, and hemp cigarettes. Today we’re trying their flower, but we’ll definitely be back to check out some of the other categories. It’s always nice to see vendors with options outside of smokable flower for those who do not want to or cannot smoke flower, but still want cannabinoid relief. Without further ado, let’s check out the Wu 5 flower strain.

Five Senses (7.0 out of 10)

The first impression Wu 5 from Mr Hemp Flower gives you is a smell of deep myrcene goodness typical of heavy indica strains. After all, it is explicitly advertised as a sedating indica strain good for inducing sleep and couch lock on their website. After that initial whiff of terpenes, an “aftersmell” of hay or dried grass came through, hinting that we might have an incomplete cure with this flower. When smoked, it has a light, gassy diesel taste. This flower is not as gassy as Hemp Hop Abacus Diesel, but it’s definitely there. On the exhale, Wu 5 gives a very subtle, sweet taste that is hard to describe, but best compared to the taste a Swisher Sweet cigarillo leaves on your lips. Overall, this is a pretty nice smoking experience. When vaped, this flower has an initial taste of some of the present terpenes mixed with a just little hint of clove. Unfortunately, the aftertaste of the vapor was a little reminiscent of hay and not quite as good as the smoke.

Bag Appeal (7.5 out of 10)

This Wu 5 is mostly lime green throughout, with some military green calyxes and leaves mixed in. The pistils on this flower are a deep red and burgundy – many almost purple in shade – creating a nice color contrast against the greens of the bud. The Wu 5 has a slightly-above-average coating of trichomes, and the bud is fairly dense. The trim job was adequate, but not perfect. Everyone in the industry needs to take notes from Five Leaf Wellness’ trim work. But, hey, we’re just smoking it anyways, right? Between the unique color combinations and density, Mr Hemp Flower’s Wu 5 has an overall solid bag appeal.

Potency (8.0 out of 10)

There is some discrepancy on the website as to the overall percentages of the flower. In the product description its listed as 12-15% CBD, but the attached COAs have it at 18.3%, with a total THC of .80%. If the flower is 12-15%, that’s definitely still enough to give the desired “CBD relief”, but towards the lower-middle end of the potency spectrum. If the CBD content is upwards of 18%, that’s even better. The good news is that this flower is decently high in terpenes which should contribute to a nice entourage effect when used. Wu 5 is high in Bisabolol, Pinene, and Trans-Caryophellene. As we’ve stated in the past, its always nice when vendors provide full lab reports with terpene percentages listed, and wish more vendors would do the same. Nice work, Mr Hemp Flower!

Effect (7.5 out of 10)

After smoking and vaping this flower, the first noticeable effect is some head fog and haziness in the brain. This quickly gives way to a more lucid, clear feeling that isn’t as couch-locky as they advertise it to be. We were ready for our head to be put on the pillow, but that wasn’t exactly the case. That said, remember, cannabinoids effect each person differently and someone’s sleep strain can be another’s motivation strain. As we progressed in our session, we felt a slight muscle relaxation, but nothing that would make you want to just sit in one spot. We’ll admit, while it wasn’t what we expected, there was some light sedation, so one could hypothetically use this as a sleep aid. The biggest overall effect from this Wu 5, though, was just a general relaxation. The effects are there, they’re noticeable, but they’re not going to blow you away.

Price (8.0 out of 10)

This is going to be another situation where we look at the absolute pricing and the value. At $29.99 an eighth and $119.99 an ounce, the pricing on a dollars and cents basis is reasonable. Mr Hemp Flower is not the cheapest and they’re not the most expensive. But, this is outdoor flower and some flower in the same range is indoor. In that respect, the pricing doesn’t quite match from a value perspective. We have to note that outdoor flower doesn’t cost that much to grow relative to indoor. So, it will rarely be appropriate for outdoor to cost more than high quality greenhouse or indoor flower. The Wu 5 experience is respectable, as is the price. We don’t think anyone will be upset giving Wu 5 a sample. Whether it makes it’s way into your everyday stash is going to be more subjective.