Legals CBD Flower Review

We’ve reviewed Legals’ Sour Candy CBD flower. Stay tuned for more reviews of Legals’ CBD products.

Legals Sour (Space) Candy hemp flower, Hybrid, 16.3% CBD, .22% delta-9 THC Review

Legals CBD Flower Sour Candy



Five Senses


Curb Appeal








Initial Thoughts

Part of the fun of this job is finding upstart companies early and seeing if you can pick the winners over the long term. Legals Hemp Flower came onto our radar a short time ago and looked like it had the makings of a great CBD flower brand. We loved the name, the website is professional, they have excellent packaging and certificates of analysis were front and center for all of their flowers. The brand emphasizes “high CBD, max THC” on the packaging so they appeared to be going after those folks in non-recreational states that want the strongest thing they can get within the .3% legal limit (get it?). Their Sour Candy strain clocked in at .22% and we were excited to give it a try.

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The Five Senses (8.5 out of 10)

For starters, we love the Legals jar. With a quality lid, rubber seal and glass canister, this classy packaging stands out amongst the pack of flower we’ve tested so far. Popping off the top, we were immediately greeted with a bright, fresh blast of terpene goodness. Through we can’t quite put our finger on the scent, the product smells great. Sour Candy is on par, from a moisture content and cure perspective, with Revel Valley’s P10 strain – not too dry, but not the most sticky we’ve seen either. No problem with the cure and we were ready to send it to the grinder for further investigation.

Curb Appeal (8.8 out of 10)

The glass jar keeps the flower in it’s original shape, unlike a lot of the pouches being used for hemp flower these days, which is a plus. We received nice, fat nuggets of Sour Candy in our eighth. Lots of orange trichomes dotting this flower, poking through varying shades of green. Sour Candy is a solid looking flower all around. From a smoke perspective, this was one of the first CBD flowers we actually enjoyed smoking out of a bowl (we also vaporized it). Sour Candy has a very mellow, enjoyable smoke quality that was actually pretty hard to put down. We thoroughly enjoyed our experience without any harshness.

Potency (8.8 out of 10)

Clocking in at 16.3% CBD content, this CBD flower is right smack dab in the middle of the spectrum of CBD potency. As usual, we care more about the terpenes than the absolute CBD percentage, but we thought the CBD potency was respectable. Now, on the THC front, this is where Legals lays their claim to fame (as the name implies). At .22% delta 9 THC, this is one of the highest THC contents we’ve seen and, of course, still under the .3% legal limit. Some of the other flowers that scored similarly, such as Frosted Kush, didn’t even break .05%. Legals has found a way to hover right below the legal THC limit, which many buyers will appreciate. In terms of the terpenes, myrcene leads the way here at .23%, followed by trans-caryophyllene at .13% and terpinolene at .11%. Not the most loaded flower on the terpene front, but respect is due for the THC content.

Effect (9.5 out of 10)

We just wanted to keep smoking it. What more needs to be said? Sour Candy had one of the more distinct experiences out of all the CBD flower we’ve tried out so far. Starting with a great head chill, this flower immediately had us cracking our back. Relaxation set in quickly and our reviewers felt loose and a bit heavier than a few minutes prior. For us, the head chill was more intense than the body chill. What about that THC content? Yep, it’s there and it’s noticeable relative to other flowers with lower content. We had a slightly more intense head buzz than we normally get from CBD flower. It came in waves and did not impede our evening, but it is noticeable. This makes Sour Candy a great strain for an evening of relaxation and, like we said, the tricky part is putting it down.

Price (6.5 out of 10)

At $15 per gram and $40 for an 1/8 oz, this flower is priced at the premium or ultra premium end of hemp flowers. Legals does not currently sell in quantities above an 1/8th, so we reserve the right to increase their score in the future depending on their volume discounts. To put that in perspective, our roots are in the CBD oil world. When you get an 1/8th at $40, it means you’re getting CBD at $.059 (5.9 cents) per milligram. That would be on the low end of price-per-milligram with CBD oil. But, at the end of the day, people shopping for flower are comparing prices amongst flower brands. You absolutely can get high quality flower for cheaper. Will the experience be as unique as Sour Candy? That’s hard to say. We will definitely find ourselves coming back to Legals Sour Candy for the effect, for what it’s worth.