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Just Live CBD Review: 1500mg Oil

Just Live CBD Oil review 1500

By Ron Roberts            Managing Partner, CBDtop10 LLC              September 16, 2021













Initial Thoughts

Just Live CBD is one of those brands that made a splashy entrance into the market. Several well-known professional athletes banded together to form their own CBD brand, and Just Live was born. The best-known of the group may be NBA star Klay Thompson of the Golden State Warriors. The other co-founders include Alex Morgan, co-captain of the US Soccer Team, racing driver Travis Pastrana, and skateboarding pro Paul Rodriguez. With the fanfare they generated, we thought it was time for our CBDtop10 reviewers to dive into our first Just Live CBD review.

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Taste (9.0 out of 10)

mint cbd oil taste

The THC-free broad spectrum tincture that we tried for this Just Live CBD oil review is an unflavored tincture. Without THC, there is little of the grassy taste that one gets with a full spectrum tincture, similar to what we found in our review of CBDistillery’s Relief oil.

The taste was mild, almost to the point of being tasteless. This is a good thing in our opinion. The mint flavor is present, but it’s so subtle that it is barely detectable – just enough to please the taste buds. You get a mild product that has no strong or funky flavors that your mouth has to deal with. Give this one a 9 out of 10.

Delivery (7.7 out of 10)

As with most CBD oils on the market, the Just Live CBD oil is administered by means of an eye dropper. Our regular readers know we are not fans of this most common CBD delivery method, but we accept that there are not many alternatives if you prefer an oil for your CBD intake.

The good thing we found was that the Just Live dropper did not seem prone to the dripping you sometimes get with droppers. The small gripe we had was the lack of volume marks on the dropper. These marks are becoming more common in CBD oils, and they are handy for getting exact volume measurements.

This Just Live oil is a clear, light oil. As a broad spectrum product, it has been refined more than a full spectrum product, resulting in the clear, light tincture that it is. Smooth and easy to use.

Potency (8.5 out of 10)

The broad spectrum tincture from Just Live is available in a number of strengths ranging from 300 mg to 3000 mg of CBD per 30 milliliter bottle. We chose the 1500 mg strength for our Just Live CBD review. This is in the upper range of what we usually see, making this a potent choice indeed.

We like to use a higher strength oil for our CBD regimen. If we need less CBD on a on a day when all is going well, it’s easy to take a smaller amount and reduce the CBD intake. The 1500 mg tincture was a good potency for us, and we feel it would suit many CBD users just as well.  

Effect (8.8 out of 10)

We expected a lot from the Just Live team, and they delivered. Our reviewers felt that this oil kicked in with a firm grip, relaxing our bodies and calming our minds. We purposely took our daily dose after periods of heavy exertion, in hopes of testing the recovery effects.

While noting once again that CBD has not been proven to deliver health benefits, our team felt that this oil had a positive, beneficial effect. The muscle relaxation and pain reduction were noticeable to us, as we suspect they would be to you.

Are you an athlete in training? A weekend gardener, or a worker in a demanding physical job? This might be a solid choice for you.

Price (8.0 out of 10)

The Just Live CBD 30 milliliter bottle currently sells for $99.99 and contains 1500 milligrams of CBD. That works out to 6.6 cents per milligram of CBD. A quick look at the other oil strengths shows that the price can range from 5 to 10 cents per mg, depending on the CBD strength.

cbd stocks money growing imageryOther CBD brands on the market usually range from 5 to 15 cents per milligram of CBD (although lately we have seen some oils as low as 3.2 cents per mg). This puts the Just Live CBD oils right in the middle of the usual range. 

Given the great results we observed, we feel that this oil offers excellent value for the money. Make it an even better deal by saving 15% off of your order with our exclusive promo code CBDTOP10 at checkout. 

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Save 15% with Just Live promo code: CBDtop10

Company Information

About the Brand

Just Live CBDThe Just Live CBD team has a lot of reasons to look for ways to soothe the body and help it recover from a strenuous workout. A night on the basketball court for Klay Thompson is sure to leave him tired, bruised, and filled with aches and pains. Effective help is a must.

Who runs nonstop in a fast-paced soccer match? Alex Morgan does so regularly. Travis Pastrana gets the full brunt of high-stress driving and stunts. And Paul Rodriguez? No matter how good they are, all skateboarders get a real workout and some bruising falls along the way.

These athletes, like many others, have searched for anything that helps to tune their bodies, improve performance, and recover from strenuous activity. Enter CBD! It’s important to recognize that CBD has not been clinically proven to provide the kind of serious relief we’re talking about here. Mountains of anecdotal evidence and user testimonials lend weight to the claims, however. It was this wide acclaim that led Thompson, Morgan, Pastrana, and Rodriguez to try CBD for the kind of relief a professional athlete needs.

Once the team became committed CBD users, they found that there are ways to vary the formulation of a CBD product to achieve specific goals. Why not make their own CBD, designed with the specific goal of recovering energy and well-being after serious exertion?

Choose from a Wide Range of Products

Although it hasn’t been around for long, Just Live has hit the ground running. The product line covers a wide range, including:

  • Tinctures – Mint and Unflavored Drops
  • Gummies – Sleep, Calm, Energy, Focus, Immunity, and Vitamin C formulations
  • Topicals – Pain Relief Cream Freeze Roll-on, and Hemp Butter Lip Balm
  • Supplements – Deep Sleep or Vegan Softgels, Pre-workout Capsules, and Post-workout capsules
  • Kits
    • Starter Kit
    • Gummies Benefit Kit
    • Sleep Kit
    • Wellness Kit
    • Performance Kit

We fully support the Just Live kits concept. The starter kit Is a great way to get to know the product line, and the targeted kits offer an assortment of products designed to work together toward a specific goal.

Quality and Philosophy

Just Live CBD Oil dropperThe Just Live team stresses the all-natural process that is used for all products, starting with organic growing practices. “Every seed is hand-planted, every crop hand-harvested, using no tractors, irrigation, pesticides, additives or artificial lighting.”

The website tells us that a variety of extraction methods are used. These methods include both CO2 and ethanol extraction, which we confirm to be safe, desirable techniques. We would like to know what other methods, if any, are used, but have not yet clarified that issue.

As with any high-quality CBD manufacturer, Just Live insists on independent testing of its products. The certificates of analysis from those tests are available for all products both on the website and via QR codes on the individual packaging or bottle.

The Just Live team stresses the “seed to sale” process that brings their products to life. Seed to sale means that all aspects of production are vertically integrated, supervised at every step to ensure quality. 

We have received Just Live tinctures, gummies, and topicals, and we will be reviewing more of these products soon.

About our CBDtop10 Reviewers

Ron Roberts retired from a career in mechanical engineering and went on to build a second career as an advocate for CBD and hemp. A stressful period in his life led him to discover CBD, and it has become his goal to learn all he can about this amazing compound and to educate others so that they can reap the same benefits that he has. From the small town of Salem, Ohio, he reaches out to CBD enthusiasts and manufacturers around the world to learn and to share his findings.