Horn Creek Hemp CBD Review

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Horn Creek Hemp AC/DC x Canna Tsu flower, Outdoor, 17.23% CBD, .87% delta 9 THC

Horn Creek Hemp Review ACDC flower



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Initial Thoughts

Horn Creek Hemp rose to popularity recently by offering potent, no-frills outdoor hemp flower with great customer service and a super friendly attitude to its consumers. Starting off originally with only Oregon CBD strains, such as Lifter and Hawaiian Haze, they quickly learned that people would want to see their attention and skill put into less saturated strains, for a lower price. Horn Creek CBD started off 2021 right, with a large lineup of newer and less common strains, all at an extremely competitive price point. As such, we were excited to launch into our first Horn Creek Hemp CBD review.

Bag Appeal (7.5 out of 10)

With this being our first foray into Horn Creek Hemp flower, and also with the strain AC/DC X Canna Tsu, we weren’t entirely sure what to expect as far as appearance and smell. We’ve reviewed other ACDC strains, so we were definitely curious.  Opening the bag for our first experience, we got a nice terpene-rich smell – heavy in lime and citrus notes, with some pine and a subtle, but not offensive soapiness to it. The buds are a mixture of large top colas, mixed in with some medium buds. Each of the buds had a “meh” machine trim job on them, but we aren’t complaining for this price point and since we’re talking outdoor flower. There is an unremarkable amount of pistils on this strain, and the trichome coverage is average, nothing to make note of. Overall, the bag appeal of this flower is not great, but not bad by any means. The buds are a nice light green color, and the cure seems good. There is no hay or dried grass smell that lower quality outdoor flower tends to have.

User Experience (7.5 out of 10)

We smoked this CBD flower first and were pleasantly surprised to find that it was pretty smooth for outdoor flower and a machine trim job on it. Usually, the left-over sugar leaf and unwanted plant material makes smoke harder on the throat, but this was relatively easy to inhale. The taste is a kind of a standard hemp taste, with a sweet and sour aftertaste, and the subtle soapy flavor that is surprisingly unoffensive. Vaping this strain, we found it to be smoother on the inhale than smoking, but it was missing the brightness in the flavor that vaporizing typically brings out of flower. This strain just doesn’t pack a very flavorful punch. Some light citrus and soapy notes to it, but mostly that standard hemp flavor.

Potency (8.5 out of 10)

For our Horn Creek Hemp CBD review, we were happy to find that HCH provides physical copies of full color, legible tests results inside their shipments, as well as on their website. This AC/DC Canna Tsu has a total CBD of 17.23%, a fantastic amount, and the total THC comes in at .87%, which is definitely higher than the average hemp strain. Horn Creek Hemp also provides a full terpene analysis for this strain. It is high in Myrcene, Pinene, and Caryophyllene. Overall, on the potency scale, we were very impressed by this outdoor flower.

Effect (9.0 out of 10)

Based on the high amounts of CBD and total THC in this strain, one would guess that the effects are going to be pretty potent. And, you wouldn’t be wrong. With a quick onset, our reviewers felt a brain fog creep in, with a chilled relaxation go down the spine that makes you want to crack your back and settle down into the couch. Now, this isn’t a “melty” feeling strain that will make you feel glued to the couch, but it’s very relaxing and chill. After a few minutes, the effect kept morphing in waves, one minute being a very hazy brain fog, and the next minute transitioning into a more clear headed, but focused “chill” feeling. Describing these effects, we feel as if the reader might mistake it for being a more indica feeling strain, but it’s not… it’s definitely a hybrid, probably even sativa-dominant hybrid. The effects never felt lazy, drowsy, or lethargic in any way. Just very focused, brain fogged, spacey, and chilled down. Really nice!

Price (10 out of 10)

All the flower attributes that we have detailed in this Horn Creek Hemp CBD review aside, the biggest thing this strain – and all others – from Horn Creek Hemp have going for them is the price. At $12 an eighth and $45 an ounce, it’s hard to not like it. It just makes it better that the flower has potent effects and isn’t last year’s batch, or smalls, uncured, untrimmed, etc. This AC/DC Canna Tsu isn’t going to be winning any beauty contests, but for $45 it is a great deal and, if you don’t mind outdoor flower, we definitely recommend checking this out.