Hometown Hero CBD Review

We’ve reviewed Hometown Hero’s Zero G CBD flower. Stay tuned for more reviews of Hometown Hero’s CBD products.

Hometown Hero’s Zero G hemp flower, Sativa, Indoor, 16.8% CBD, .244% delta 9 THC

Hometown Hero CBD Flower Zero G



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Initial Thoughts

It is common these days for a new CBD flower producer to pop up every week or so. It’s much less common to see one of those new producers up and win 2nd place at the 2020 High Times Hemp Cup. That 2nd place winner is none other than Hometown Hero. Not only did their Zero G strain – the subject of our Hometown Hero review today – take 2nd place, they also placed 3rd in the prerolls category with their CBD Blunts. The company is doing something right to impress the enthusiasts from High Times, so we took a deeper look. Hometown Hero also underscores that they are “supporting veterans with every bottle.” Good flower? Good cause. Let’s find out more.

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The Five Senses (8.5 out of 10)

We popped the top off of our Zero G jar to be greeted by, but not overwhelmed by, a sweet and musky scent from the flower inside. The smell doesn’t fill up the room, but it is pleasant. It didn’t take too long after we sent the Hometown Hero nuggets to get their pictures taken that the flower hit the grinder.  The sweetness is amplified when broken down. We hit the vaporizer and burned some Zero G flower and found it to be a smooth, mellow experience all around. The taste is mild, in our opinion, and mirrors what we would expect based on the smell. No complaints from our five senses.

Curb Appeal (9.5 out of 10)

Hometown Hero goes beyond the mundane, standard pouches to package their flower in a hard plastic jar with a childproof, baby blue lid. This creates a unique look all around. The jar keeps the flower in it’s original shape, which is a big plus. Our jar contains nice, thick nuggets of Zego G. The look of these buds is right up there with the best looking flower we’ve seen so far. Look at the picture above to see what we’re talking about. There are a massive amount of tangled, reddish-orange trichomes filling in between the bright green core of this flower. From a moisture content standpoint, this flower is on par with Legals Sour Candy and Revel Valley P10. It is not the stickiest we’ve seen, but not too dry either. When flower looks and feels like this, you can be pretty sure that the experience is about to live up to the hype.

Potency (8.7 out of 10)

The QR code on the side of the Zero G bottle links you straight to the certificate of analysis. Clocking in at 16.8% CBD content, this flower is right in the mid range of CBD potency. At the end of the day, we believe it is still the combination of CBD, THC, terpenes and other cannabanoids that produce the overall effect, so we at CBDtop10 do not get too hung up on any one potency metric. Hometown Hero is pushing for maximum impact within the legal limit on the THC front. At .24% delta 9 THC, this is the highest THC flower to go through our testing to-date, with Legals Sour Candy coming in a close second. Hometown Hero found a way to come in right below the legal THC limit, which many buyers will appreciate. Unfortunately, we don’t know what this flower is comprised of from a terpene perspective, as Hometown Hero does not publish that data on their website, nor through the linked certificate of analysis.

Effect (9.0 out of 10)

Wow, this is some fast acting flower! Whereas numerous strains we’ve reviewed in the past took a decent amount of time for effects to onset, the Zero G delivers quickly and effectively. We find a slight, mellow chill running through our body but, as a sativa, the effect was mostly concentrated in the head. What we would describe as “head seizing,” many would attribute to the focus that a sativa flower brings to the user. This flower jolted us into concentration. Our reviewers were alert and focused, similar to the effects of an ACDC or Remedy strain. We notice the chilled effect we feel in our body with an indica strain was happening in the reverse here. Our head was chilled, eyes a bit heavy and it literally felt like our neck was almost melting into our shoulders. Overall, this was an incredibly pleasant, relaxed and focused experience that lasted for a long time.

Price (6.5 out of 10)

The price is set at $40 for an 1/8 oz which is priced at the premium, or ultra-premium, end of hemp flowers. That’s not terribly surprising considering Hometown Hero is a new entrant in the space, with limited supply, and this flower is a Hemp Cup winner. In fact, the company doesn’t even sell in different quantities at the moment. To be fair, 1/8th at $40 means you’re getting CBD at $.068 (6.8 cents) per milligram. That would be on the lower end of price-per-milligram with CBD oil. But, this is still very expensive for flower. We’ve said it before – you absolutely can get high quality flower for cheaper. Now, will it be Hemp-Cup-winning flower with these effects? Probably not. We’ll be watching Hometown Hero closely to see if this high scoring flower gets a price upgrade.