Green Garden Gold CBD Review

We’ve reviewed GreenGardenGold’s 60mg Yummy Gummies. Stay tuned for more reviews of GreenGardenGold CBD products.

GreenGardenGold Yummy Gummies 60mg

GreenGardenGold Yummy Gummies 60mg













Initial Thoughts

We picked up some CBD edibles from Yummie Gummies at a retail shop specializing in CBD and we thought we’d give them a try. The packaging from GreenGardenGold is less serious than we see from most CBD oil and edible brands – featuring a cartoon smiley face with weed leaves for eyes. But, we won’t knock the brand for the High-Times-esque positioning. They seem to be targeting head shops and this less serious style fits right in. Most importantly, we wanted to see what these CBD gummies were all about. After considering all of the below factors, we think that Yummy Gummies will find a place as an everyday item for some cannabidiol buyers, but is unlikely to be the CBD product that you most look forward to using.

Taste (6.0 out of 10)

The flavor is not great, but it’s not bad either. The particular package of CBD gummies had both a green and a yellow gummy. In both cases (we took both), the flavor is equal parts hemp and candy. You can definitely taste the hemp and the candy flavoring is slightly acidic. There are other products that mask the hemp more – especially when sugar is involved – but GreenGardenGold did a decent job here. In our opinion, the green gummy is tastier than the yellow because the lime flavor masked the hemp more effectively. But, that may be a function of whether you prefer lime or lemon flavoring. The aftertaste is not too strong, but definitely lingered for a few minutes after swallowing.

Delivery (7.0 out of 10)

CBD Edibles start off at a higher baseline rating for delivery because they’re so much easier than oils. With Yummy Gummies, you can grab the package and have 1-2 edibles in your mouth in seconds. This is great for people on-the-go, or looking to streamline getting the effects of CBD in the morning. For that reason, we’re automatically jumping this product over a 5 rating to start. These Yummy Gummies, specifically, were a bit tough. We found them to be chewy and gelatin-y. Again, this isn’t a huge negative – just not the ideal. Given our experiences with some other CBD edibles, we’re knocking the product slightly for this. The extended amount of time it takes to chew these edibles also underscores and extends the amount of time you’re tasting the hemp. Overall, you’ll get them in your mouth quickly, but they’ll take a minute to chew.

Potency (5.0 out of 10)

Putting 25-30 milligrams of CBD into an edible is pretty standard fare, so the potency is middle of the road for us. Also, the gummies are fairly standard size for 30 mg of CBD each. If you purchase these gummies, you won’t be blown away or offended by the potency. These are decent everyday CBD gummies if you like the taste and price.

Effect (6.0 out of 10)

We took both gummies (60 mg) and were satisfied with the effect. Yummy Gummies took the edge off of a stressful day. We weren’t blown away by what we felt and, frankly, some 50 mg gummies from other companies actually seemed to pack more of a punch. But, similar to the potency, you won’t be offended by the effect. It gets the core job done. The CBD is definitely in there. In our opinion, GreenGardenGold may just need to tweak the formula to find the right balance of CBD, terpenes, etc.

Price (6.5 out of 10)

This product was on sale in the retail location where we purchased them and always seems to be on sale online. We’re not sure if GreenGardenGold plans to always mark the product down from $19.99 to $9.99 indefinitely, or if this is more of a marketing tactic. In any event, this product is definitely more appealing at the $9.99 mark than the $19.99 mark. At $9.99, this is a middle-of-the-road cost per milligram for CBD edibles. At $19.99, the product would be in the upper echelon of CBD-per-milligram pricing and we don’t think the other attributes warrant paying a premium. If you can get this product at $9.99, give it a shot. We could see this being more of an everyday product than a special occasion product.