We’ve reviewed FOCL’s Orange Cream Premium CBD oil. Stay tuned for more reviews of FOCL CBD products.

FOCL Orange Cream Premium CBD Drops













Initial Thoughts

Naturally, we always like to find companies that are serious about the quality of their materials and processes, and FOCL’s products caught our eye. The tag line at FOCL is “Plant Powered Wellness”, and we wanted some elaboration. When we spoke with the people at FOCL, we heard about their organic hemp farm in New Mexico. We heard how proud they are about the TRU-ID quality certification they earned (yes, it’s a big deal and not common among CBD companies). We heard all about their non-GMO, vegan ingredients, their GMP FDA-inspected processing facility, and their 3rd party testing with readily available test results. They told us about partnering with popular brands such as theHUSTLE and FabFitFun. In short, FOCL is big on producing a high-quality product, and we were anxious to try it.


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Taste (9.8 out of 10)

Wow! We’re not sure how they do it, but the Orange Cream flavored oil we tried has an exceptionally good taste – a nearly perfect score. Not only did we not get the grassy taste that usually comes with CBD oil, but it actually tasted like an old-fashioned creamsicle. This one is an absolute winner!

Delivery (8.0 out of 10)

FOCL uses a standard dropper for their delivery method. As we are seeing more often these days, the dropper is conveniently imprinted with volume markings, which helps to accurately measure your desired dosage. The oil itself is light and smooth. Combined with the excellent taste, this makes for an easy oil to take and enjoy.

Potency (7.6 out of 10)

The FOCL Premium CBD drops are a 300 mg formulation, which puts it in the lower range of potency. This is not a bad thing for the type of product this is intended to be. The premium CBD drops are not meant for pain relief or to address a serious ailment. This oil is designed to calm you and lower the stress level in your hectic day. FOCL recently introduced a 1000 mg oil, and we look forward to reviewing that higher strength product, as well.

Effect (8.6 out of 10)

The team at CBDtop10 found that this oil hit its target on the nose. The goal is calmness and stress reduction, and everyone on our review team gave it a thumbs up for hitting the mark. Frayed nerves were calmed and anxiety banished, and we felt focused on our activities (as the FOCL name would imply!). We note that FOCL has specific formulations for daytime and nighttime focus, and we hope to check those out for you in the near future.

Price (7.8 out of 10)

FOCL doesn’t offer the least expensive oil you’ll find, but its admirable qualities left us with the belief that it provides a good value. Receiving 300mg of CBD oil at $35.00 (price of the bottle at time of review), you’re getting CBD at 11.6 cents per milligram. That’s a “middle of the pack” price, but note that you have options to reduce that price. A monthly subscription price is $31.50, and better yet, using our exclusive code TOP10 will save 20%, bringing the price down to $28.00, or 9.3 cents per milligram. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this luxury product at any of these prices. (Their 60 day money-back guarantee is an added plus).