Crooks have Entered the CBD Market
I suppose it was inevitable; whenever an opportunity exists to make money by cutting corners, there will be con artists willing to step in to make a quick buck. It has begun to happen in the CBD market as awareness of CBD and its wonderful properties grows.

Low Price does not Always Equal Good Value
Properly sourced and manufactured CBD products (oils, edibles, topicals, e-liquids) require a costly process, and the end result is that CBD is a relatively expensive supplement. It is not surprising that some consumers are looking for the best value and mistakenly think that a cheap product is going to give them the same results as a higher cost, properly produced CBD product. At best, the fake CBD that is out there will not deliver the benefits that true CBD can offer. At the worst, fake CBD can cause sickness, anxiety, nausea, and perhaps worse harm to the body. This has already been witnessed in Utah and Tennessee, where dozens of people have been sickened by fake CBD.

CBDtop10 Selection Criteria
Here at CBDtop10, we use three criteria to filter the products we will review, and they are criteria that every CBD user should pay attention to as the CBD market grows and brings in more choices from more manufacturers. Our reviewed manufacturers must meet these requirements before we will test, review, and present their products to our readers:

The hemp used in CBD production is sourced from legal, organic, non-gmo sources, generally in the USA or Europe. Hemp grown in less developed or less safety conscious regions may be grown in contaminated, chemical-heavy soil.

The CBD is extracted from the hemp plants by properly executed CO2 or ethanol extraction methods. This is not always easy to verify, but it can be verified by adhering to our third criterion:

The CBD is thoroughly tested for purity and cannabidiol content, and the testing results are available to consumers for verification. Generally it is preferable for this testing to be done by third-party test labs, but we are aware of one or two manufacturers who control a stringent testing process in-house.

Exercise Caution and Make Use of Our Reviews

At CBDtop10, we are committed to putting reliable information in front of CBD consumers to help guide people in gaining the many benefits of a CBD regimen. We urge all those who use or plan to use CBD products to make use of our researched information as well as doing their own research to be sure they are getting safe, legitimate CBD products for healthy living. A little time spent in research and a little more money spent on a legitimate CBD product will make all the difference in the benefits you derive from your choice.

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