Eight Horses CBD Review

We’ve reviewed Eight Horse’s CBD flower. Stay tuned for more reviews of Eight Horse’s CBD products.

Eight Horses Hemp Abacus Flower, 19.25% CBD, .68% total THC

Eight Horses Abacus flower



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Initial Thoughts

In just a few short growing seasons, Eight Horses Hemp has propelled itself to the top of many peoples best “bang for your buck” list of hemp flower vendors. With some of the lowest prices available on retail hemp flower – and good CBD tests to add to that – Eight Horses Hemp has become a staple in the community for good effects on a budget. This year, one of their most talked about strains has been their Abacus strain, and we went into our inaugural Eight Horses Hemp CBD review very optimistic after all the positive feedback we’ve seen about the brand thus far. 

Bag Appeal (7.0 out of 10)

Now, it has to be mentioned immediately that Eight Horses grows outdoor CBD flower. Outdoor is not the flashiest flower. Eight Horses Hemp seems to place more of an emphasis on growing potent flower, not flower that will win beauty contests. That said, the color of this strain is actually pretty captivating. Deep, dark purples and splashes of medium green flower are complimented by random tufts of dark amber pistil clusters on these buds. The trichome coverage is great, right up there with the best of outdoor flower. The awe stops there, though, because the trim job on these nuggets leaves a lot to be desired. There is a ton of leaf left on the buds, and although they aren’t jagged and haphazard like with machine trimmed flower, it just doesn’t look like much effort was put into the trim. We wrote it off as a trade-off for a super competitive price point. The smell on this Abacus is decent, but nothing anyone will smell across the room. We detected an earthy, woody, pine with a hint of citrus. This is a very myrcene heavy strain typically and that’s very apparent on the nose.  The cure seems to be pretty good, maybe just bordering on being a little dry.

User Experience (7.0 out of 10)

Before we could even gauge the smoothness of our inhale, we had to pause and appreciate the taste of this Abacus flower when smoked. It tastes like a gas station smells, in the best way possible. Lots of gas and diesel notes mixed in with a better-than-average hemp flavor. Once the hype over the taste goes away though, we weren’t as impressed on the smoothness scale. Likely because of the rough trim job and slight dryness, this flower almost bordered on being harsh on the inhale, leaving a bit of irritation on the throat. Vaping this Abacus was also not so smooth, and our reviewers found it was kind of harsh for most of the session. The vape flavor differed from that of smoking, though, with far less of a diesel taste and much more of a bright, spicy pine flavor.  The aftertaste was mildly sweet in the back of the mouth. We definitely feel like a better trim job and some time in a jar with some Boveda packs will alleviate some of that harshness. It’s worth mentioning that good flower should come smooth and ready to smoke out of the bag.  But, again, we’re going to invoke the price and lower our standards just a bit. 

Potency (9.0 out of 10)

Luckily for us, full and concise Certificates of Analysis are available on the company’s website, which helped us prepare this section of our Eight Horses Hemp review in a snap.  In addition to online COAs, physical copies are included in the packages they send out. Perfect! Their Abacus strain comes in at 19.25% CBD, which is definitely on the higher end of CBD percentages we see. The total THC is just a mid-to-upper-mid-range .68%. Eight Horses Hemp also provides a full terpene report for this, and we can see that this Abacus is very high in Myrcene. According to the terpene report, it also has a pretty good amount of Bisabalol, Caryophyllene, Humulene, and Pinene.

Effect (8.0 out of 10)

Almost immediately after consuming this strain, the effects kicked in at full speed. We could feel the edge being taken off our day and just sat down and took a deep breath. Backs were cracked, muscles relaxed, and everyone prepared for a good mood of rest and relaxation. Surprisingly, despite a slight sensation of heaviness and weighted eyelids, we stayed lucid and mostly clear headed throughout the whole session. This is a really nice hybrid, perhaps slightly indica-dominant, effect that are great for the early evening and can take the edge off without melting you into the couch. Overall, this strain reminded us of a less refined and quite as pleasant of a smoke version of the Hemp Hop/Diesel Hemp ABACUS DIESEL.

Price (10 out of 10)

Any complaints we have about this strain are quickly whisked away when we compare the price point to other flower on the market. At a jaw dropping $8 an eighth and $40 an ounce for full size nugs, you get amazing value when you break down the potency of the effects and amount of flower you get for your cash. This is definitely not the prettiest or best smelling stuff out there, but if you’re purely after effects, this won’t put a big dent in your wallet. Not to mention, Eight Horses Hemp sells smalls for $30 an ounce, or $20 a half. Not a bad way to spend an Andrew Jackson if we do say so ourselves.