Chill CBD Review

We’ve reviewed Chill CBD’s CBD Tropical Gummies. Stay tuned for more  reviews of Chill CBD products.

Chill CBD 25mg Tropical Gummies

Chill CBD Tropical Gummies

By Ron Roberts, Managing Partner, CBDtop10 LLC           May 1, 2022













Initial Thoughts

Our first look at the Chill CBD website made us smile. This CBD company wants to give you a chill state of mind – so much so that in the first paragraph it offers the motto “peace, love, and chill”.

The goal is a chill state of mind and creating experiences to keep you in that mindset by reducing stress, anxiety, and conflict. These are admirable goals, and we set out to see how well the goals were met with this Chill CBD Tropical Gummies review.

Taste (7.0 out of 10)

The Tropical Gummies contain red and yellow gummies, flavored as passion fruit and pineapple. The gummies are made from isolate, so you don’t have the strong grassy taste commonly present in hemp products.

We liked the passion fruit flavor, which had more flavor and hit right on point for us. That’s not to say the pineapple wasn’t good; we liked it also, just not as much as the passion fruit. We felt that the taste of these gummies overall compared favorably with the Green Roads Froggies that we reviewed here.

In addition to these Tropical Gummies, Chill offers a Berry Burst flavor as well. We look forward to reviewing those gummies also!

Delivery (7.0 out of 10)

The Chill CBD gummies are half-moon shaped, sugar-dusted candies that look great. Once we bit in, we were pleased to discover that the sugar dusting was lighter than expected from their appearance. These gummies are pleasantly sweet without an overbearing sugar kick.

The texture is good – not quite like a store-bought candy, but pleasingly chewy. With a nice flavor and a good texture, these Chill CBD Tropical Gummies are an easy choice for a daily CBD regimen.

Potency (7.5 out of 10)

We see a wide range of potencies among the CBD gummies we have reviewed. At 25 mg per gummy, these Chill Tropical Gummies are at the higher end, and we appreciate that. If a gummy has just 10 or 15 milligrams of CBD, we find ourselves taking two or three gummies to get the dosage we are looking for.

That’s not the case with these 25 mg gummies – this is a good CBD strength for our daily serving. (Note: Chill CBD does offer its gummies in 10 mg strength, so you’re covered if you’re happy with a lower dose).

Effect (8.0 out of 10)

We give ourselves days or even weeks of consistent use before we feel confident to assess the effect of a CBD product. We look for calmness and a sense of well-being throughout the day. If aches and pains are plaguing us, we hope to get some relief from the inflammation as well.

Our reviewers agreed that the Chill CBD Tropical Gummies measured up to our standards. We are regular CBD users, so we can tell if the effect takes a dip when we switch to a new review product. That didn’t happen here, so we are confident that you will also get that good CBD feeling with these gummies.

Price (9.5 out of 10)

Wait, what? We double-checked our calculations for this one. The container of gummies has a total 750 milligrams of CBD – 30 gummies at 25mg each. At the time this review was done, the price for these gummies was $19.99. That’s an incredible 2.66 cents per milligram of CBD! You’d be hard pressed to find another quality CBD gummy like this at such an amazingly low price.

Even better, our readers can take that cost down further by using our exclusive discount code CBDTOP10 at checkout for 20% off. If you decide that Chill products will be an ongoing choice for you, subscribe and save. Finally, if you’re a new customer you can get 25% off of your first order with code FIRSTTIMER.

Company Information

About Chill CBD

Chill CBD is located in Colorado (of course!), where the team is inspired by the Rocky mountains and the chill lifestyle. They are joined by several #TeamChill rodeo athletes who swear by the Chill products for pain relief and for staying chill on the back of a rampaging bull. Other prominent athletes and public figures are also proud to proclaim themselves part of “Team Chill”.

The Chill website does not offer a lot of information for some products. Maybe the use, dosage, and discussion of these products isn’t needed for its typical customer, but these products are unique enough that a bit more information would be appreciated.

Let’s take a look at the offerings and see if we can help lay things out:

Product Line

The Chill CBD product list is shorter than some brands, but the choices on that list are intriguing. It can be a good thing to focus on maintaining high quality for a small range of products rather than trying to supply every possible CBD product . There are Chill choices that you just won’t find offered by other CBD brands. We suspect that those who seek a chill state of mind will find just what they need here.

  • CBD Drops
  • CBD Gummies
  • CBD Smokes
  • CBD Chew Pouches
  • Tobacco free nicotine pouches
  • Apparel

Drops and gummies are mainstays of the CBD world, and many people rely on them for their CBD routine. Chill CBD has several flavored tinctures and a natural, unflavored one as well. Flavors include Blueberry, Orange, and Peppermint.

There are two flavors of gummies to choose from – Berry Burst and Tropical. You have just gotten our thoughts on the Tropical gummies, and we look forward to reviewing the Berry Burst as well.

Uncommon Choices

We’re anxious to try some of its other products following this Chill CBD Tropical Gummies review. The rest of the product line is not the typical CBD list of choices that we usually see.

Chill CBD Chew PouchesStart with the chew pouches. We’ve seen other chew pouches, but not many. For those who enjoy a discreet chew, these pouches are a good option. You get the CBD benefit while enjoying a good satisfying chew, and no need to spit!

There are CBD pouches that are tobacco free, nicotine free, and THC free. They come in Cool Mint, Fresh Peach, and Rich Vanilla flavors. You can buy a variety pack and get all three flavors so you can choose your favorite.

There are also the Chill tobacco-free nicotine pouches. Not ready to give up nicotine? These pouches deliver the nicotine but without the spitting, brown teeth, etc.

Finally, there are the Chill CBD Smokes. These are a tobacco-free blend of hemp and herbs designed to offer a pleasant smoking experience.

And if you’re really getting into the Team Chill spirit, show it off with some hats and shirts from the Chill apparel store.

In a marketplace that sees new CBD brands pop up every day, Chill has set itself apart with unique products, quality production methods, and a chill attitude to keep you on a smooth path. We look forward to reviewing more Chill CBD products soon.

About our CBDtop10 Reviewers

Ron Roberts retired from a career in mechanical engineering and went on to build a second career as an advocate for CBD and hemp. A stressful period in his life led him to discover CBD, and it has become his goal to learn all he can about this amazing compound and to educate others so that they can reap the same benefits that he has. From the small town of Salem, Ohio, he reaches out to CBD enthusiasts and manufacturers around the world to learn and to share his findings.