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We’ve reviewed cbdMD’s PM Sleep Tincture 500 mg. Stay tuned for more reviews of cbdMD’s CBD products.

cbdMD’s PM Sleep Tincture 500 mg

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Initial Thoughts

 When you visit the cbdMD oil website, it’s easy to be bowled over by the sheer amount of information you’ll see. Not only does cbdMD have a wide range of products, but it also offers wholesale options and has a team of athletes repping the products. 

Beyond that, cbdMD offers a reward program, savings options, and an influencer program. It’s clear that this business has been around a while and really knows how to get its products to stand out in the CBD world. We were excited to try this one and post our cbdMD PM Sleep Tincture review.

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cbdMD PM Sleep Tincture review

Taste (8.6 out of 10)

cbdmd pm mint flavorHere at CBD Top 10, we’ve tasted a wide variety of oils, flavored and unflavored alike. While purists might prefer an unflavored oil, there are some formulations that manage to make a really tasty product. The cbdMD CBD PM for Sleep tincture is mint flavored, but we were surprised by the effect of our first taste. The mint is subtle, and the overriding flavor is of the herbs included in the formula, particularly the chamomile. 

There’s a pretty noticeable aftertaste that lingered for some time, but it wasn’t unpleasant and wouldn’t put us off trying it again. This specific oil also comes in capsule form, with 16.7 mg of CBD and 3 mg of melatonin per capsule, and is fortified with vitamin C. If the mint taste of the oil isn’t to your liking, the capsules would be a great alternative. However, the gel these capsules are made with is not vegan or vegetarian, so the tincture will have to do if you have one of those dietary preferences. 

Delivery (8.0 out of 10)

cbdmd pm dropperThere are 500 mg of CBD in a 30 ml bottle of the CBD PM tincture, with 16.5 mg of CBD per one ml serving, which is the recommended serving size. As we typically see, this oil comes with an eye dropper with volume markings. We found we were unable to pull the full 1 ml in the dropper, getting about three fourths of a ml instead. This is a mildly annoying drawback, but it’s easily fixed. We just took two pulls and paid attention to the volume markings. The cbdMD website says to squeeze the dropper under the tongue and hold there for 30 to 60 seconds, then swallow. The oil was thin and smooth, with a light amber color, and wasn’t unpleasant to keep under the tongue for the recommended time.

Potency (8.3 out of 10)

We were a little concerned about being unable to pull the full 1 ml from the dropper, since usually that’s the amount needed to feel any real effects. Honestly, though, we felt the full effects within 15 minutes, half the time cbdMD says you should expect. Most likely, the difference kicks in with the melatonin and other herbs that are also in the oil. Our reviewers agreed that with this combo, the PM oil was punching above its potency weight. The 16.6 mg dose is a bit low for our standard testing process, but is a good mid-range dose for many CBD users who are looking for a little stress relief. Of course, the dosage is easily varied to your liking. The graduated markings on the dropper make this easy. The 500 mg bottle is the only choice in the sleep products, but there are a number of other cbdMD oils in strengths ranging all the way up to 7500 mg.

For our thoughts on dosage, check out our infographic How to Use CBD Oil.

Effect (9.0 out of 10)

We felt a bit lightheaded and drowsy after the effects set in fifteen minutes later, but it turned out to be worth it. As promised, sleep came easily and we slept soundly through the night. In an encouraging turn of events, one of our reviewers whose back pain often makes sleep difficult was able to sleep through the night and for longer than usual. Usually, drowsiness or lightheadedness are undesirable side effects of a supplement, but if you’re taking it just before bed specifically to enhance the quality of sleep it shouldn’t be a problem. This effect was similar to what we experienced with the Savage CBD Softgels in our review of that product. We can confirm that this award-winning oil lives up to the hype.

Price (7.5 out of 10)

cbdmd pm sleeping womanAs we write this, the cbdMD PM for Sleep tincture is $44.99 for 500 mg of CBD, making it nine cents/mg. This is a mid-range price for the oils we review, not a bad price for its effectiveness and for the quality you’re getting. And our lucky readers can save even more by using the exclusive code cbdMD15 for 15% of your next purchase. 

Our opinion? If you’ve been looking for a high-quality oil to assist with sleep, this is a great option. You have the reassurance of good reputation and tons of research and lab testing. On top of that, you won’t have to spend an arm and a leg to get it. When you’re planning to take CBD, it’s important to go with a company that takes its role as seriously as cbdMD.

About the brand

Background Info

It’s easy to see why cbdMD is a first choice for many CBD oil users. It has the confidence to stand behind its products with a 60 day, 100% satisfaction guarantee. cbdMD clearly has the confidence that its products can speak for themselves. Like some other oils we’ve reviewed here on CBDtop10, cbdMD puts a QR code right on the bottle that takes you to that oil’s lab test results. 

The need for the lab results to be available cannot be stressed too much. We feel it is owed to the consumer to show them what they are buying. That’s why we love the trend toward QR codes on bottles. All oils reviewed by CBDtop10 are third-party tested and approved, and cbdMD oil is no exception.

A Wide Variety of Products

 Something we always like to see when reviewing a new product is that the company includes a wide range of products in its inventory. Catering to a diverse array of needs and preferences is necessary when you want people to incorporate CBD into their lives, and cbdMD is doing just that. cbdMD products include:

  • Tinctures
  • Gummies 
  • Topicals
  • Capsules
  • Bath products

In addition, cbdMD offers products made for sleep aid and for pets. Excitingly, the bath products include bath combs and bath salts. These are not commonly found, and can make for a fun new way to include CBD in your self-care routine. 

The topical treatments come in rollers, moisturizing lotions, spray-on bottles, and balms. They are designed to treat everything from joint pain and soreness to stress relief. 

The general belief about CBD use is that to get the maximum benefits from the CBD, you have to use it regularly and often. Having such a wide array of products that can be applied in so many ways makes this easier for cbdMD customers.  They can mix it up and start experiencing the benefits right away. 

We can’t forget about the pets! cbdMD has products for dogs such as peanut butter CBD hard treats and several flavors of chews. For cats, there are chews flavored in salmon or chicken and catnip, plus oils and bundles. 

The pet products serve a variety of needs that many pets will have in their lives, like anxiety and joint pain. They are perfect for animals because of the undetectable levels of THC. It’s obvious when browsing the pet products that a lot of thought, research, and care went into creating products for our furry friends. 

An Award-Winning Oil

The CBD PM for Sleep, oil is a “Product of the Year” award winning product, and is the first winner of that prize. The basic formula for this oil is a blend of CBD and melatonin. In addition, herbs like chamomile that are noted for relaxation and calming benefits are added. 

cbdMD has developed a process (the Superior Broad-Spectrum process) to eliminate detectable THC from the oil, delivering “the mellow without the buzz”. It didn’t come as a big surprise to us that this oil shows up on a number of “best of” lists.

The cbdMD website is clear about the facts regarding CBD and melatonin. Be aware that melatonin hasn’t been approved by the FDA as a sleep aid. In addition, medical professionals aren’t 100% sure that CBD oil and melatonin won’t interact in some negative way. cbdMD recommends speaking to your doctor and knowing which drugs are interfered with by CBD oil or melatonin. 

Other herbs included in this cbdMD oil, such as valerian and chamomile, have been used for centuries as sleep aids. It’s a bit like the effect you might expect from a cup of Sleepytime tea along with your CBD oil. The carrier oil for the whole shebang is MCT oil, an easily digested oil that is stored more for energy than for fat. 

cbdMD’s “Superior Broad Spectrum Formula”

So you might be wondering about that “Superior Broad-Spectrum formula” used by cbdMD to achieve that extra pure CBD oil. cbdMD’s website says this formula is made up of exact amounts each of CBD, CBG, CBN, and plant terpenes”. The goal is essentially to achieve precision when measuring cannabinoid levels in batches of cbdMD products. This company promises identical levels of these components in every 1500 mg tincture, as well as its rollers and other superior broad spectrum products.

Okay, big deal, you might be thinking. Every CBD oil company claims to have the highest quality product and the purest manufacturing process. But what sets cbdMD products apart is dedication to monitoring its oil at every step of the process. Even the packaging is crystal clear on the product’s intended use, ingredients, and proper application. The cbdMD labels are some of the more aesthetically pleasing and uncluttered ones we’ve reviewed. 

When you’re buying products from a relatively unregulated industry, it’s comforting to know that so much standardization is taking place during the manufacturing process. It’s important that you know you can trust the manufacturer. Otherwise, it’s possible that when you purchase a bottle of CBD oil, you could be buying something completely different from what it claims to be. 

That’s why cbdMD’s commitment to using USA-sourced hemp, GMP registered labs, extensive third-party testing, and their 100% satisfaction guarantee really sets them apart as an industry leader.

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