CBDism CBD Review

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CBDism Confidential Kush CBD Flower, Outdoor

CBDism Confidential Kush CBD Flower



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Initial Thoughts

CBDism isn’t one of the big name companies in the hemp industry, but they sure do carry themselves like they’re aiming to be. We had heard of them before once or twice on Reddit, but have yet to see them mentioned frequently like some of the more popular vendors. We didn’t know what to expect when checking out CBDism, but their website is a clean and organized enough, with all grey and white pages that contrast with the bold and solid colors of their product labels. They have topicals, tinctures, flower of course, edibles, and pet products. The flower page itself is a bit clunky to navigate, but you figure it out pretty quickly. If they’re doing something right, it’s definitely the way they are presenting themselves to potential customers.

Bag Appeal (6.5 out of 10)

To start off with, the glass jar is a nice touch and we like their labeling. Opening up our Confidential Kush, though, we weren’t greeted with the smell we’ve grown accustomed to with Kush varieties. The buds are unique looking for sure, with an overall dark brown color. We did notice some purple and dark green poking through. The size of the nuggets is what really grabs your attention, though we can’t say the flower itself is all that remarkable. There are some orange pistils poking out and an average at best concentration of trichomes on the flower. The bud structure on this strain is also unusual with long, dense buds that are kind of thin and skinny. The trim is just ok. Probably a machine trim, but it’s good enough for smoking.

User Experience (7.0 out of 10)

Starting off with combustion, we found that hitting this flower in a bowl was pretty harsh to be honest. It was hard to take larger hits without coughing. We’re coming off a round of smoking some WNC hydro, so it’s hard to be kind to outdoor flower. The average hemp smoker is going to be just fine with the smoke, but there are certainly smoother options. We didn’t pick up any particular, dominant flavor in the smoke. It wasn’t bad, but just had kind of a standard hemp flower taste to it. Vaping this Confidential Kush was considerably better, with a smoother inhale and a very bright pine taste to it. This flower is definitely better suited for vaporizing over smoking.

Potency (7.5 out of 10)

The Confidential Kush strain is yet-to-be-released by CBDism, so we don’t have a lot of information on the genetics, CBD percentage or THC contents.  Unfortunately, even with the released strains from CBDism, we can’t find any COAs on their website. Each strain for sale does list the CBD percentage, though, so we’ll update this review as soon as we hear.  That said, we still don’t think we’ll see a full lab report from CBDism if they aren’t doing it for their other flowers.  For now, we’re going to give CBDism a middle-of-the-road potency score and will update when we have more information.  CBDism will likely send lab reports in the coming days.

Effect (8.5 out of 10)

This flower doesn’t have the fastest onset of effects, which is fine. We know a number of people that like the “sneak” feeling, with effects coming on suddenly and unexpectedly after their session. That’s exactly what we got from this Confidential Kush. Our reviewer experienced a slight head effect that crept up 5-10 minutes after our session. That effect morphs into a heavy feeling in the body with some pressure in the torso. We kind of expected a body chill and numbing feel with some muscle relaxation, but we didn’t get that with this Kush. What we did get was a very stoned feeling – probably one of the stronger stone feelings we’ve experienced with hemp flower. Unfortunately, that stoned feeling dissipated quickly despite coming on quite strong. Overall, this was a heavy and stoney feeling kush and a definite indica-dominant strain.

Price (6.75 out of 10)

There’s a few issues with CBDism’s flower pricing overall. For starters, the website states that they are playing an integral role in creating affordable pricing within the hemp CBD industry. That may have been true at the outset of the smokable hemp industry, but today, $170 an ounce is actually premium-to-ultra-premium pricing. We got some nice big nugs with pleasant effects, yes, but there are a substantial number of hemp flower vendors with similar quality for much cheaper. We don’t fault anyone for making the most money they can, but when you combine the pricing with a lack of lab results or terpene reports on the website, it’s kind of hard to justify. This outdoor flower is priced at the premium end of indoor, or even hydro-grown, flower. There is nothing wrong with the flower itself, but CBDism is going to have to sharpen the pencil to garner a following in our opinion.