CBD Luxe Review

We’ve reviewed CBD Luxe’s 1000mg CBD oil. Stay tuned for more reviews of CBD Luxe products.

CBD Luxe 1000mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil

CBD Luxe Full Spectrum 1000mg Hemp Oil













Initial Thoughts

As the name suggests, CBD Luxe carries the image of a luxury CBD product. You could be forgiven for assuming that this makes it “all show, no go”, but you’d be mistaken. Every one of the ingredients used by CBD Luxe is Non-GMO and organic, made from Colorado Department of Agriculture certified hemp. The brand really pays attention to what it puts inside its products, ensuring that customers can get the very best out of their CBD products. The first thing you notice right off the bat is the packaging. It exudes a high-quality image that matches the brand name, making you feel like you are getting a high end CBD product. This is not to knock any other CBD brands out there, it’s just that CBD Luxe goes the extra mile when preparing their products. Speaking of extra miles, this CBD Luxe “Be Calm” 1000 mg Full Spectrum Hemp Oil comes in a 30 ml bottle. The industry standard is 15ml, sp this bottle gets you more CBD and less frequent refills.

Taste (8.0 out of 10)

The CBD Luxe Be Calm oil has been blended with chamomile, valerian, lavender, and honey, ingredients intended to soother and relax. These ingredients are intended to deliver the desired calming effect, but they have the added benefit of giving this oil a pleasant taste. The first drop of the oil provides you a lightly honey tinged taste, smooth and not too sweet. There is a bit of hemp aftertaste, which is not unusual for most CBD oils.

Delivery (7.5 out of 10)

Delivery takes form in the typical CBD oil method, the eyedropper, which is the predominant method when it comes to CBD oils. The CBD Luxe eyedropper adds the nice touch of dosage marks on the barrel, making accurate dosages easier. In addition, there is a bulb at the end of the dropper, which tends to reduce the dripping that plagues many droppers. As noted above under taste, this oil is thin and smooth, making it an easy one for daily use.

Potency (8.0 out of 10)

At 1000 mg, the CBD Luxe oil has enough CBD to last a while. The recommended serving size is 33mg, which is a common amount. If you don’t need that much for your dosage, it’s easy to measure a smaller amount by the markings on the eyedropper. More importantly, though, if you need that higher serving of CBD, you don’t have to consume multiple droppers as you would with many 250 or 500mg products. Like the 1000mg CBD Oil from CBDistillery, there is a good balance between strength and volume here. As usual, start with a partial dropper and move up until you reach the desired effect.

Effect (8.5 out of 10)

Our review team made the CBD Luxe oil an evening routine, with the goal of achieving sound sleep in mind. We agreed that our evenings were relaxed, leading into sound sleep. This isn’t to say that this oil will knock you out, just that the calming ingredients seem to make for good sleep when you do lay down your head. We also took this one during the day, and we got the calmness we look for but we weren’t made to feel sleepy.

Price (9.0 out of 10)

The price of the CBD Luxe Organic Non-GMO Ultra Premium Nighttime CBD Tincture 1000 mg is $75. That factors at about 7.5 cents per milligram, which is in the low end of the price range that we see in CBD oils. This makes the CBD Luxe tincture a very good value – a luxury product at a bargain price.