What in the heck is a CBD cigarette? Learn what you need to know in our getting started guide.

CBD Cigarettes

What is a CBD cigarette or hemp cigarette?
CBD cigarettes, or hempettes as they are sometimes called, are exactly what you might expect: a filtered cigarette in which CBD-rich hemp flower has replaced tobacco.

Is there tobacco in a CBD cigarette?
No. Or, certainly, there should not be. The intent is for hemp cigarettes to be an alternative made with hemp only.

How is a CBD cigarette different than a joint?
The primary difference is that CBD cigarettes and hemp cigarettes have a filter. Often, joints will not have a filter unless the user chooses to insert one themselves. Many vendors will use leafier “shake” (read: not the premium part of the flower) which is more consistent, smaller leaves that packs tightly like a cigarette and ensure that the hempette burns evenly and smoothly.

What are the benefits of CBD cigarettes?
Beyond the level of filtration, CBD in a cigarette form is more discreet for public use. Even though CBD flower with under .3% THC is legal in all 50 states, not all 50 states have recreational marijuana laws. So, many people in non-recreational states may feel uncomfortable smoking a joint in public, even if perfectly legal. On top of that, cigarettes are more ingrained in our culture and, for the moment, more socially acceptable. A joint may be perfect for an evening smoke at home, but hemp cigarettes could be better suited for a smoke break at work, for instance.

What else should I know about CBD cigarettes?
We’ve noticed that many companies only have one or two types of CBD cigarette or hempette, whereas if you are buying loose hemp flower to roll yourself, you get to choose the strain. We suspect that this will change with time and companies will start offering different, popular strains in cigarette form – much like the distinction of flavors and sizes we see in traditional cigarettes. For now, you often can’t choose your strain, but you can choose your vendor and each vendor is likely to have a different strain or blend of strains.

What are some popular brands of CBD cigarettes?
Below are some of the more popular CBD cigarette brands on the market based on monthly searches. CBDtop10 has not reviewed any of the CBD cigarettes from the vendors below. We simply want to give our readers that are interested in CBD cigarettes a starting point for their research. Without further ado, here are some popular brands:

Plain Jane CBD
Redwood Reserves
Chief Stix
Wild Hemp

Is smoking CBD healthier than smoking cigarettes?
We suspect many vendors will wisely be steering clear of the “big tobacco” approach of yesteryear and keeping their CBD cigarettes free of additives and chemicals. But, make sure you check the website thoroughly of the CBD cigarette brand you are considering. “Healthier” is relative. You’ll be hard pressed to find anyone claiming any type of cigarette is healthy. At the end of the day, you are still inhaling smoke and exposing yourself to carcinogenic compounds. Joints are no different, in that regard. We have seen a number of users and sites suggesting that CBD cigarettes may be one way to quit traditional cigarettes. So, if you are currently a cigarette smoker and enjoy CBD, hempettes may be useful in your smoking cessation plan. But, at the end of the day, anyone smoking hemp in any form should know that they are taking a health risk to receive the actual and perceived benefits.

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